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Print / E-Paper exclusive: Energy director to share thoughts with Chamber at annual meeting

Oct. 21, 2012 @ 09:30 AM

“Energy makes America great.”

It’s a simple, bumper sticker statement, but it’s the core of what Marita Noon will be speaking about Nov. 1 at the Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce’s 8th annual Energy & Natural Resource Symposium, and she has amassed much research on the topic.

Noon is executive director for Energy Makes America Great Inc., and its companion organization, the Citizens’ Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE).

And she plans to be speaking about the importance of domestic energy in the nation’s economy and sharing her thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.  

“I will certainly be talking about the general importance of coal and, in greater perspective, all of America’s natural resources such as coal, gas, uranium,” she said. “We’re really being lied to as a country from the administration. We are told we need to have wind and solar power and those things are going to help us be energy independent, and that is a huge lie because wind and solar do nothing to make us energy independent. Wind and solar create electricity. We have no shortage of electricity in this country. ... The only energy we import is oil, and now we know we have enough of that as well. We have no energy shortage. We have an access shortage.”

Read more about the upcoming energy symposium and Noon's thoughts on the topic in Sunday's print edition of The Herald-Dispatch.

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