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W.Va. House 16 candidate: Dale Anderson II (R)

Sep. 21, 2014 @ 11:16 AM

PARTY: Republican

HOME CITY: Huntington


E-MAIL ADDRESS: anderson4change@yahoo.com

WEBSITE: http://www.anderson4house.com

PERSONAL STATEMENT: Improving job opportunities for West Virginian's is a top priority of mine. We don't need more jobs, we need better paying jobs. We need a long term competitive strategy that pulls West Virginia families out of 47th place on earnings and I want our high school and college graduates to be able to find jobs here in West Virginia. Forty-four people leave West Virginia everyday looking for work and it's time we expect better results from Charleston. No one should have to leave this state to find a better paying job.


AGE: 30

EDUCATION: GED/College Courses in Business Administration.


OTHER WORK HISTORY: 2012 Candidate for Mayor, Primary challenger of Kim Wolfe (R).

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: Huntington Lions Club, Walnut Hills Neighborhood Association, Highlawn Neighborhood Association, West Virginia Farm Bureau, The Republican Party, The Heritage Foundation, The Ronald Reagan Ranch, Gun Owners of America, The Christian Coalition of America, The American Conservative Union and the National Pro-Life Alliance.

FAMILY: Parents, Dale and Deniese (Childers) Anderson; grandparents, Don and Shirley Anderson, Guy and Pam Childers.


1. Are you satisfied that the Legislature has done enough to protect West Virginians from chemical spills?

No. I believe we do have adequate laws on the books at this time however, I don't believe our state laws have been enforced by the Department of Environmental Protection.

2. What steps would you recommend to improve West Virginia’s economy?

We need to adopt Pro-Growth tax reform and I am proposing the elimination of the inventory tax and a reduction in the gasoline tax for starters.

3. Do you think more needs to be done to ensure high school graduates are competent?

Yes. I believe we need to reform education from the ground up. Parents and teachers should be working together on what is best for each individual student. I would also like to see the Arts & Theater expanded and Trade classes return. I believe it's important for people to know a trade as not everyone wants to attend college or is able.

4. How do you propose keeping more students in school and reducing the truancy rate?

This issue will only improve when we begin putting the education of students first. Learning something new should be exciting and we need to really look at what that means to each individual student.

5. What can the state government do to improve educational achievement in West Virginia?

I support local schools where parents and teachers work closely together on the local level. I support performance based evaluations for teachers and higher competitive pay which will allow us to retain the best teachers who really are passionate about ensuring their students learn.

6. What can the state government do to improve workforce development in West Virginia?

Technical schools will offer more options when the government actually allows the private sector to to create small businesses and create more jobs. If the state government wants to help, it needs to implement tax reforms that will allow the private sector to create jobs through new businesses or expanding businesses.

7. What more should the state do to battle the prescription drug crisis?

Creating opportunites for people to be successful, earn a reasonable wage, be able to provide for their family and allowing them to pursue the American dream. We also need more drug treatment options, I support increased funding for people who really are seeking treatment from drug addictions.

8. Are there more steps the state should take to reduce obesity?

Obesity is a private issue between doctors and patients, this isn't an issue politicians should be looking into.

9. How could the state help small businesses grow in West Virginia?

Jobs come from businesses and we aren't doing enough to support facilitating new businesses or expanding businesses to West Virginia. There is alot of talk about it but a large portion of our work force makes minimum wage up to $12 an hour and there is very little chance for advancement, without meaningful tax reforms.

10. Do you think the state should do more to reduce the size of the prison population?

Yes, creating an intermediate court of appeals and eliminating mandatory minimums for nonviolent crimes will help to reduce prison populations.

11. What measures do you support that would improve the lives of West Virginians, especially children, who are living in poverty?

Implementing tax reform and education reform is the only way to improve the lives of children in poverty. This issue has been on going for many years but we really haven't seen an improvement. Business owners still aren't coming to West Virginia, so more tax reform is necessary if we are going to see better job opportunities for families.

12. What measures do you support on fracking/horizontal drilling that would protect people living near drilling sites?

None. I have not seen any evidence from the EPA or other agency that fracking or horizontal drilling has been harmful.

13. Do you support the West Virginia Department of Education’s Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives, West Virginia’s plan to implement Common Core? Explain.

No, Common CORE standards put a barrier between students and a quality education by placing government bureaucrats where parents and teachers should be. I support eliminating these standards and instead focusing on localization not centralization of our schools.

14. What needs to be done now to diversify the economy of West Virginia?

In order to diversify the economy we must take several steps: first we must reform our regulatory and judicial climate to ensure that we are not regulating our businesses to death. Second, we should put business first, we don’t need another bureaucratic committee on how to make things happen, we need to get government out of the way and let the people lead.

15. What solutions would you offer to deal with drug abuse problems in West Virginia?

When looking at drug abuse problems we need to understand what causes them, we know that Huntington is rated among the most miserable cities in America. To reverse this trend, we must get our economy moving. When people have access to quality, high paying jobs, many of these problems will begin to dissipate on their own.

16. How would you address the problems of barriers to employment and other services experienced by those in successful long-term recovery from addictions?

At the end of the day it comes down to employers having trust in who they hire and no government agency can create that. However, as West Virginia suffers from chronic under-employment as well as un-employment we must first bring jobs here.

17. Do you support West Virginia asking the USDA to allow the state to say SNAP benefits cannot be used to purchase non-nutritive soft drinks? Please explain why or why not.

Yes, SNAP benefits were designed to help those in need feed themselves and their families.

18. West Virginia has the highest rate of smoking among pregnant women. We also have one of the lowest tobacco taxes in the country. Do you support increasing the West Virginia state tax on tobacco products to coincide with the national average?

No, raising taxes does not solve any problem; in fact quite it generates quite the opposite. We know smoking is addictive and raising the cost will take more out of the pockets of those who continue smoking, which we know hurts deep in the pockets of expecting mothers. Rather doctors should be discussing the health effects with their patients.


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