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Elections W.Va. Candidates

Oct. 12, 2014 @ 09:03 AM

The West Virginia general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4. The Herald-Dispatch and the Huntington Area League of Women Voters have sent questionnaires to candidates in contested races. If a candidate has returned his profile, then his name is linked below to that profile. CANDIDATES: To receive a questionnaire, click here to email your contact information to us.

U.S. Senate

Natalie Tennant (D)
Shelley Moore Capito (R)
Bob Henry Baber (M)
John S. Buckley (L)
Phil Hudok (C)

U.S. House 1

Glen B. Gainer III (D)
David B. McKinley (R)

U.S. House 2

Nick Casey (D)
Alex X. Mooney (R)
Davy Jones (L)
Ed Rabel (I)

U.S. House 3

Nick Joe Rahall II (D)
Evan Jenkins (R)

State Senate 4

  • Putnam, Mason, Jackson, Roane counties

Mike Hall (R)

State Senate 5

  • Cabell County

Mike Woelfel (D)
Vicki Dunn-Marshall (R)
Roy Ramey (I)

State Senate 6

  • Wayne, Mingo, McDowell, Mercer counties

H. Truman Chafin (D)
Mark R. Maynard (R)

State Senate 7

  • Wayne, Lincoln, Boone, Logan, Mingo counties

Ron Stollings (D)
Gary Johngrass (R)

State Senate 8

  • Putnam, Kanawha counties

Erik P. Wells (D)
Ed Gaunch (R)
Mike Fisher (C)

State House 13 (2 seats)

  • Mason, Putnam and Jackson counties

Joshua Martin (D)
Joshua McGrath (D)
Michael Ihle (R)
Scott Cadle (R)

State House 14 (1 seat)

  • Mason, Putnam counties

Johnny Roach (D)
Jim Butler (R)

State House 15

  • Putnam County

Geoff Foster (R)
Christian Watts (I)

State House 16 (3 seats)

  • Cabell, Lincoln counties

Jim Morgan (D)
Sean Hornbuckle (D)
Lauren E. Plymale (D)
Carol Miller (R)
Dale Anderson II (R)
Patrick Lucas (R)

State House 17 (2 seats)

  • Cabell County

Dale Stephens (D)
Doug Reynolds (D)
Joyce W. Holland (R)
Matthew Rohrbach (R)

State House 18 (1 seat)

  • Cabell County

Billy J. Chaffin II (D)
Kelli Sobonya (R)

State House 19 (2 seats)

  • Wayne County

Don C. Perdue (D)
Kenneth (Ken) Paul Hicks (D)
Steve Marcum (R)
Randy Tomblin (R)

State House 22 (2 seats)

  • Lincoln County

Jeff Eldridge (D)
Gary McCallister (D)
Justin Mullins (R)
Michel G. Moffatt (R)

State House 38

  • Putnam County

Patrick Lane (R)

Cabell Circuit Clerk

Jeffrey Edison Hood (D)

Cabell Circuit Judge

Chris Chiles (D)

Cabell County Commissioner

Marie E. Redd (D)
C. Nancy Cartmill (R)

Cabell Magistrate (1 seat)

Rondall “Ron” Baumgardner (D)

Conservation District Supervisor (Guyan)

John "OB" Layne Oblinger (D)

Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District

Sandra Earl Pinson (R)
Gene Randall Rhoades (R)
W.D. "Bill" Kelley (D)

Greater Huntington Park and Recreation-Unexp.

Kent Perry

Wayne County Commission

Robert E. "Bob" Pasley (D)

Wayne Conservation District Supervisor

John Bill Perry

Putnam Conservation District Supervisor

Bob Siebel

Putnam County Commission (1 seat)

Stephen “Steve” Andes (R)

Putnam Family Court Judge - 26th Circuit

David L. Hill (D)
Richard “Rick” Witt (R)