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U.S. House 2 candidate: Jim Moss (R)

Mar. 16, 2014 @ 08:55 PM

PARTY: Republican

COUNTY: Putnam County

EMAIL: JimMossForCongress@Yahoo.com

WEBSITE: http://jimmossforcongress.weebly.com/


Cost Management specialist with Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Buffalo, WV.  Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University Institute of Technology and MBA from the University of South Carolina. Native of Dunbar and graduate of Dunbar High School.  Born again Christian.  Running for Congress in obedience to the Lord’s calling upon my life. Please visit: http://jimmossforcongress.weebly.com


1. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What changes in federal laws would you favor that would better protect people and our water resources from chemical spills?

I don't believe that the federal government should have any role in protecting our water resources from chemical spills.  First, WV lawmakers and WV DEP should assure state laws are in place to protect our water resources. Second, WVAW management should know what is going on above its sole water intake.   Local responsibility was and is still needed!

2. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What steps should the federal government take to reduce the number of Americans living in poverty?

None! States and communities should have responsibility for poverty!  Relying on Federal government to take care of us allows us to make poor decisions as a state.  If West Virginia politicians were held accountable for our poor then they would be forced to encourage job growth and work harder to ensure our young people complete their high school education.    

3. 60 WORDS OR LESS: In view of recent Supreme Court decisions, what steps do you think Congress should take to protect the rights of all American voters?

Repeal the 17th amendment, restore state legislators power in D.C.  Today those who make, interpret, and enforce the law are not guided by the United States Constitution—the supreme law of the land—as it was originally written. Politicians in Washington today are only beholden to special interests groups not “states or voters”.  Respect for our Constitution must be restored!

Herald-Dispatch questions:

4. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What is your position on the EPA and other regulation of the coal and natural gas industries?

The liberal dream of powerful institutions protecting and perfecting our lives has become a nightmare of corruption and abuse. The founding fathers knew this; they didn't trust institutions. I believe the right approach is to reduce the power of the EPA, and increase the power of the states who have the most at stake.

5. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What is the most pressing foreign policy issue, and how would you address it?

We are not respected! Russia reigned in its debt and is now holding the cards. Reduce regulations and taxes to grow our economy, become energy independent and strengthen our military by keeping politicians out of determining their “needs”. We cannot be a world leader if we are not respected and our military maintained as the greatest military in the world.

6. 60 WORDS OR LESS: How should the United States address future relations with Russia?

We need to learn to work smarter and not harder. We need a president who will reestablish our great country as one to be respected. This has been in the works for years by Russia and we once again are caught off guard without a plan. We should have already established a greater military presence in the region.

7. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What can the federal government do to improve educational achievement in West Virginia?

The DOE like the EPA is an institution that has overreached its Federal mandates. Our local school rooms need to be “governed” by local school boards, teachers and parents. The best thing the federal government can do to improve educational achievement in West Virginia is step aside.

8. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What do you think of the Affordable Care Act, and what changes -- if any -- would you support?

Market driven policies are best unfortunately the private sector did not take responsibility for fixing a few “flaw”s in the system. This opened the door for a federally managed program that I am afraid is here to stay. A return to a modified market driven approach is what is needed.

9. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What can the federal government do to improve workforce development in West Virginia?

Nothing. Only West Virginians can improve workforce development. Electing a pro-business governor, senators and delegates who will make West Virginia a “Right to Work” state and who will correct prevailing wage policy. We are not “Open” for Business. Ohio has gotten it right over the last 3 years with a pro-business governor who just might be our next President.

10. 60 WORDS OR LESS: Do you favor any changes in gun control requirements?

Law abiding citizens should not have to “purchase” concealed carry permits. Federal/State agencies need to track the “Bad Guys and Gals” which means we must apply to purchase a gun but we should not have to pay extra for our constitutional right to carry.

11. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What more should Congress do to battle the prescription drug crisis?

Reduce regulations and taxes in order to grow our economy to provide jobs and a tax base to fund rehab programs locally. Reduce the influence that the DOE has on our local classrooms so that our teachers and local administrators have the ability to improve graduation rates so that people can have self-esteem and become a productive part of society.

12. 60 WORDS OR LESS: Are there more steps Congress should take to reduce obesity?

Seriously. We cannot continue to look to the federal government to fix all of our problems. Personal responsibility is what it is going to take to reduce obesity. We cannot pick and choose – either we want the federal government running our lives or we don’t. As for me give me Liberty or give me death!


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