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U.S. House 3 candidate: Richard Ojeda II (D)

Mar. 18, 2014 @ 02:03 PM

PARTY: Democrat

COUNTY: Logan County

WEBSITE: www.richardojeda.com


Retired (US Army), BA in General Education from West Virginia State University, MA in Business and Organizational Security from Webster University. Graduate of the Basic and Advanced Officers courses as well as the US Army Command General Staff Course. Four Deployments to the Middle East in Support of the Global War on Terrorism. Two Bronze Star Medals, pending a Purple Heart. www.richardojeda.com


1. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What changes in federal laws would you favor that would better protect people and our water resources from chemical spills?

I believe that any operation that deals with chemicals should require MANDATORY inspections that also ensure secondary containment is present. Regardless of the fact that they may or may not be close to a water source, chemicals spilled anywhere will eventually seep into the water table which can cause significant impacts to the environment and the people that reside in the areas.

1. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What steps should the federal government take to reduce the number of Americans living in poverty?

Federal government should provide support to programs that are using evidence based guidelines to provide positive results in reducing poverty. Housing, employment, education, and healthcare must be continually monitored for success in reducing the effects of poverty and improving the lives of those impoverished. Leaders should also be responsible for coordinating new and improved opportunities throughout the region.

3. 60 WORDS OR LESS: In view of recent Supreme Court decisions, what steps do you think Congress should take to protect the rights of all American voters?

Supreme Court decisions have recently affected families throughout the US by providing rulings on issues like DOMA and the Affordable Health Care Act. The role of Congress should include providing a common voice of those represented to create fair and equal balanced laws that do not require Supreme Court intervention, but fair and equal representation of the people served.

Herald-Dispatch questions:

4. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What is your position on the EPA and other regulation of the coal and natural gas industries?

I think we need fairness with the EPA. I want to protect our environment but I think it must be on an equal playing field. Where was the EPA in reference to inspections for chemical storage tanks that recently poisoned our waters and still has many in edge about their water?

5. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What is the most pressing foreign policy issue, and how would you address it?

We need to stop being the worlds police force. Stop funding nations that are not friendly to the US.

6. 60 WORDS OR LESS: How should the United States address future relations with Russia?

We need to work to build a better relationship with Russia. They are not going away and we do not need another war. Diplomacy can always be found if elected officials think about their own children having to carry the burdens of conflict.

7. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What can the federal government do to improve educational achievement in West Virginia?

We can support all programs that work! Things that do not have a history of success need scratched so funding can be available for new programs or to go towards existing programs that have high success rates.

8. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What do you think of the Affordable Care Act, and what changes -- if any -- would you support?

I would love to see universal healthcare but the ACA is not proving to be what they say. We are supposed to have options. We don't. If it can be fixed to create universal healthcare then so be it, if it can't by a certain time limit then we need to stop throwing money at it.

9. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What can the federal government do to improve workforce development in West Virginia?

We need industrial opportunities in southern WV. Our leaders in the past have failed to address the plan for the loss of coal. Now that we have an unfair war on coal, the miners are the victims. That is unfair. For every coal job that goes away a new job should be created that is equal in pay to protect the family.

10. 60 WORDS OR LESS: Do you favor any changes in gun control requirements?

There is nothing wrong with the 2nd Amendment! Don't fix what isn't broken.

11. 60 WORDS OR LESS: What more should Congress do to battle the prescription drug crisis?

We need rehabilitation! The government needs to crack down on pill pushing doctors and pharmaceutical companies that fail to describe the true effects of drugs. Drugs are destroying communities and in southern West Virginia we literally have nowhere to turn.

12. 60 WORDS OR LESS: Are there more steps Congress should take to reduce obesity?

I think that we need to find ways to entice people to be more active. I think that we are going in the right direction by removing soda and certain fatty foods out if the schools but I would like to see real incentives for people who do take great care of themselves by not smoking, eating right and regularly exercising.



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