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Early numbers could signal big turnout

Nov. 03, 2012 @ 11:20 PM

HUNTINGTON -- Tuesday's general election has the makings of a busy day at polling places in the area.

With a presidential race on the ballot and strong early voting numbers, local election officials are expecting a good turnout on Election Day.

Even the day that the snowy fallout from Hurricane Sandy hit West Virginia, Cabell County had a notable turnout of early voters, said Cabell County Clerk Karen Cole, adding the county had over 4,400 early votes cast at that point.

"We've had a nice turnout through the early voting, and presidentials and generals (election) are always the highest turnout," she said.

It's hard to tell, said interim Wayne County Clerk Joan Potter, wondering out loud if more early voters means fewer people will be heading out when the election comes.

Last week's power outages had a lot of people concerned, she said, but she anticipated it would be business as usual by Tuesday.

"We don't foresee any precincts not being able to function," she said.

She too reported strong early voting numbers despite the bad weather last week, but clerks still anticipate that weather will play a big role in the voter turnout on Election Day.

The National Weather Service in Charleston is calling for mostly sunny skies with a high temperature in the low to mid 50s. Clouds are expected to roll in during late afternoon, but no precipitation is expected in the Tri-State.

As of Saturday, 8,552 people had cast early votes in Cabell County and 2,437 in Wayne County. In Lincoln County, 1,839 votes had been cast, and 2,939 votes had been cast in Mason County. In Logan County, 1,927 people had cast votes and 6,664 early votes had been cast in Putnam County.

Early voting was so busy in the presidential battleground state of Ohio that, "I think we're already finished in Lawrence County. It's insane," said Cathy Overbeck, director of the Lawrence County Board of Elections. "It's going to be a huge turnout (for the election Tuesday). ... I think people are very interested in it."

As of Wednesday, the office had sent out 5,700 requested absentee ballots, and more than 4,000 had come back, she said.

"Just people coming in the office, we've had over 1,200 in-person voters," she said, adding that military votes are up. While there normally may be about 10 by this time, there have been 55, she said.

The state of Ohio as a whole was reporting strong early voting numbers even before last week.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted's office reported that as early as Friday, Oct. 26, more than 1.2 million Ohioans had already cast ballots. Of the 1.3 million absentee ballots that have been mailed to voters during the absentee voting period, more than 950,000 already had been returned, or 71.9 percent. In addition, more than 306,000 voters had voted in person at their board of elections or designated vote center.

And early voting usually picks up as the election draws nearer, he and Cole said.

For those who will be heading to the polls on Tuesday, here's a checklist of items to remember:

What to bring

If West Virginia voters have recently registered to vote but not yet shown an ID at the time of registration or when voting, they'll need to bring an ID to the polling place, Cole said. Otherwise, just bring yourself.

In Ohio, voters need to bring a valid ID, which can be in seven forms. Among them are a photo ID, government document, military ID, bank statement, utility bill and others. The form must be in the name of the voter, not a spouse or other relative.

In Kentucky, voters must have an ID if they are not known by sight by an individual working the poll. That could include a driver's license, credit card, Social Security card or photo ID with the person's signature. Boyd County Clerk Debbie Jones advised every voter bring a form of ID just to be safe.

Other key voter information:

To report a voting problem: Problems in Cabell County can be reported to 304-526-8633.

Other numbers:

Wayne County Clerk's office, 304-272-6370.

Putnam County Clerk's office, 304-586-0202.

Lawrence County, Ohio, Board of Elections, 740-532-0444.

Boyd County, Ky., Clerk's office, 606-739-5116 .

To determine your polling place

The Herald-Dispatch website has a list of precinct polling places, which can be found by clicking on "Elections" and then "Voter Info." Information is listed for Cabell, Putnam and Wayne counties in West Virginia, along with Lawrence County, Ohio, and Boyd County, Ky.

Getting to the polls

Senior citizens and all other Medicare card holders can ride Tri-State Transit (TTA) services free all day on Election Day. Dial-A Ride customers will need to make their reservation 24 hours in advance. TTA Dispatchers are on duty to answer any questions about schedules and routes. For bus service, call 304-529-RIDE. For Dial-A-Ride service, call 304-529-7700.

According to Paul E. Davis, general manager and chief executive officer, TTA traditionally offers seniors free transit on Election Day because many do not drive and it also encourages voter turnout.

Also, Mountain State Centers for Independent Living will again be offering free rides to the polls between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Nov. 6 from areas of Cabell County, Westmoreland, Ceredo and Kenova. Anyone wanting a ride should call 304-525-3324 to schedule a time.


Here are the candidates for local and statewide races in the Tuesday, Nov. 6., general election. For information on the candidates, go to www.herald-dispatch.com and click on the Elections tab and the List of Local Races tab. Once there, you can click on the name to get a profile of the candidate including his or her position on the issues and biographical information.
(i) indicates incumbent.
(D) indicated Democrat.
(R) indicates Republican.
(M) indicates Mountain Party.
(L) indicates Libertarian Party.
(I) indicates Independent.
West Virginia
U.S. Senate
Joe Manchin (i) (D)
John R. Raese (R)
Bob Henry Baber (M)
U.S. House 1
Susan “Sue” Thorn (D)
David B. McKinley (i) (R)
U.S. House 2
Howard Swint (D)
Shelley Moore Capito (i) (R)
U.S. House 3
Nick Joe Rahall II (i) (D)
Rick Snuffer (R)
Earl Ray Tomblin (i) (D)
Bill Maloney (R)
Jesse Johnson (M)
David Moran (L)
Attorney General
Darrell McGraw Jr. (i) (D)
Patrick Morrisey (R)
Glen Gainer III (i) (D)
Larry V. Faircloth (R)
Commissioner of Agriculture
Walt Helmick (D)
Kent Leonhardt (R)
Secretary of State
Natalie Tennant (i) (D)
Brian C. Savilla (R)
Supreme Court of Appeals (2 seats)
Letitia “Tish” Chafin (D)
Robin Davis (i) (D)
Allen Loughry (R)
John Yoder (R)
John D. Perdue (i) (D)
Mike Hall (R)
State House 13 (2 seats) (Mason, Putnam)
Brady R. Paxton (i) (D)
Helen Martin (D)
Brian “Scotty” Scott (R)
Scott Cadle (R)
State House 14 (1 seat) (Mason, Putnam)
Jimmie Wood (D)
Harry “Jim” Butler (R)
State House 15 (1 seat) (Putnam)
Troy Andes (i) (R)
State House 16 (3 seats) (Cabell, Lincoln)
Jim Morgan (i) (D)
Kevin J. Craig (i) (D)
Sean Hornbuckle (D)
Carol Miller (i) (R)
Mike Davis (R)
State House 17 (2 seats) (Cabell)
Dale Stephens (i) (D)
Doug Reynolds (i) (D)
Joyce W. Holland (R)
Michael Ankrom (R)
State House 18 (1 seat) (Cabell)
Billy J. Chaffin II (D)
Kelli Sobonya (i) (R)
State House 19 (2 seats) (Wayne)
Don C. Perdue (i) (D)
Rick Thompson (i) (D)
Randy Tomblin (R)
State House 22 (2 seats) (Lincoln, Putnam)
Jeff Eldridge (D)
Josh Stowers (i) (D)
Gary L. Johngrass (R)
Michel G. Moffatt (R)
State Senate 4 (Putnam, Mason, Jackson, Roane)
Michael “Mike” Bright (D)
Mitch B. Carmichael (R)
State Senate 5 (Cabell)
Robert H. “Bob” Plymale (i) (D)
State Senate 6 (Wayne, Mingo, McDowell, Mercer)
Mark Wills (D)
Bill Cole (R)
State Senate 7 (Wayne, Lincoln, Boone, Logan, Mingo)
Art Kirkendoll (D)
State Senate 8 (Putnam, Kanawha)
Joshua Martin (D)
Chris Walters (R)
Cabell County Assessor
Phyllis Kirtley Smith (D)
Irv Johnson (R)
Cabell County Circuit Judge
Paul T. Farrell (i) (D)
Cabell County Conservation District Supervisor (Guyan District)
Boyd L. Meadows (N)
Cabell County County Commission (1 seat)
Bob Bailey (i) (D)
Greg Riley (R)
Cabell County Magistrate (7 seats)
Dan Goheen (i) (D)
Danne J. Vance (D)
Darrell Black (i) (D)
Johnny McCallister (i) (D)
Mike Woelfel (i) (D)
Patty Verbage Spence (i) (D)
Scott Bias (D)
Derek A. Artrip (R)
Fred Buchanan (R)
J. Larry Crawford (R)
Paul Harvey (R)
Robert (Bob) Gillette (R)
Rondall “Ron” Baumgardner (i) (R)
Tyler Beckett Smith (R)
Cabell County Prosecuting Attorney
Chris Chiles (i) (D)
Cabell County Sheriff
Thomas W. “Tom” McComas (i) (D)
Cabell County Surveyor
Jeffrey Stephens (D)
Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District 2
Alan S. Morrison (D)
Huntington CHARTER: Eliminate Central Garage and Motor Pool requirement
No, keep Central Garage and Motor Pool requirement
Yes, eliminate Central Garage and Motor Pool requirement
Huntington CHARTER: Eliminate general residency requirement
No, keep general residency requirement
Yes, eliminate general residency requirement
Huntington CHARTER: Eliminate requirement that Director of Public Works must be Licensed Professional Engineer
No, keep public works director requirement
Yes, eliminate public works director requirement
Huntington Mayor
Steve Williams (D)
Kim Wolfe (i) (R)
Artie “Dino” Battista (I)
Huntington City Council (At-Large) (2 seats)
David Ball (D)
Rebecca Thacker (i) (D)
Cal Kent (R)
Gordon Ramey II (R)
Huntington City Council (District 1)
Joyce Clark (D)
Huntington City Council (District 2)
Pete Gillespie II (D)
Tom McCallister (R)
Huntington City Council (District 3)
Frances Jackson (i) (D)
Pete Gillespie Sr. (I)
Huntington City Council (District 4)
Steve Phipps (D)
Gary Bunn (R)
Huntington City Council (District 5)
Sandra Clements (i) (D)
Huntington City Council (District 6)
Mark Bates (i) (R)
Huntington City Council (District 7)
Scott Caserta (i) (D)
BJ Ellis (R)
Huntington City Council (District 8)
Tom McGuffin (D)
Richard “Dick” Strode (I)
Huntington City Council (District 9)
Rick Simmons (D)
Sherry Lynn McClanahan (R)
Wayne County Assessor
Eric L. Hodges (i) (D)
Wayne County Clerk
Wilts Salmons (D)
Renick Booth (R)
Wayne County Commission
David Pennington (D)
Wayne County Magistrate (3 seats)
David Ferguson (i) (D)
John Cavins (D)
Randy Wiles (i) (D)
Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney
Thomas M. Plymale (D)
Wayne County Sheriff
Gregory K. Farley (i) (D)
Chad Shaffer (R)
Wayne Surveyor
Matthew Strogen (D)
Putnam County Assessor
D.W. “Peachie” Arthur (D)
Sherry Hayes (i) (R)
Putnam Circuit Judge
J. Robert Leslie (D)
Joseph K. “Joe” Reeder (R)
Putnam County Commission (1 seat)
Lee Casto (D)
Andy Skidmore (R)
Putnam County Magistrate (3 seats)
Kylene Dunlap Brown (i) (R)
Linda Hunt (i) (R)
Scot Lawrence (R)
Putnam County Prosecuting Attorney
Mark Sorsaia (i) (R)
Putnam County Sheriff
Bud Lett (D)
Steve Deweese (R)
Putnam County Surveyor
Randy B. Crace (D)
Court of Appeals — 4th District (Feb. 10 seat)
William Harsha (R)
Court of Appeals — 4th District (Feb. 9 seat)
Marie Hoover (D)
Leonard F. Holzapfel (R)
Justice of Ohio Supreme Court (Dec. 31 seat)
Yvette McGee Brown (D)
Sharon L. Kennedy (R)
Justice of Ohio Supreme Court (Jan. 1 seat)
Mike Skindell (D)
Terrence O’Donnell (R)
Justice of Ohio Supreme Court (Jan. 2 seat)
William M. O’Neill (D)
Robert R. Cupp (R)
Representative 90th district
John Haas (D)
Terry Johnson (i) (R)
Representative 93rd district
Josh Bailey (D)
Ryan Smith (i) (R)
Senate 14th district
Joe Uecker (R)
U.S. House District 6
Charlie Wilson (D)
Bill Johnson (i) (R)
U.S. Senate
Sherrod Brown (i) (D)
Josh Mandel (R)
Scott A. Rupert (I)
Lawrence County Board of Commissioners (Dec. 31 seat)
Doug Malone (D)
Freddie Hayes Jr. (R)
Lawrence County Board of Commissioners (Jan. 2 seat)
Carl Robinson (D)
Bill Pratt (R)
Lawrence County Board of Commissioners (Jan. 3 seat)
Les Boggs (R)
Lawrence County Clerk of Courts
Michael P. Patterson (D)
Lawrence County Common pleas judge
Charles Cooper (R)
Lawrence County Coroner
Kurt Hoffman (R)
Lawrence County Engineer
Douglas E. Cade (R)
Lawrence County Prosecutor
Brigham McKinley Anderson (R)
Lawrence County Recorder
Sharon Gossett Hager (R)
Lawrence County Sheriff
Jeff Lawless (R)
Lawrence County Treasurer
Stephen Dale Burcham (D)
Jerry Rowe (R)
State Representative 100th District
Kevin Sinnette (D)
State Representative 98th District
Tanya Pullin (D)
State Representative 99th District
Rocky Adkins (D)
U.S. House 4
William R. “Bill” Adkins (D)
Thomas Massie (R)
U.S. House 5
Kenneth S. Stepp (D)
Hal Rogers (R)
Boyd County Circuit Clerk
Linda Baker (i) (D)
Boyd County Commonwealth’s Attorney
David Justice (i) (D)
Ashland Mayor
Chuck Charles (N)
Ashland, Board of City Commissioners (4 seats)
Cheryl W. Spriggs (N)
Kevin Gunderson (N)
Larry Brown (N)
Marty Gute (N)
Tim A. Duley (N)
Tom Cantrell (N)



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