The Herald-Dispatch Features / Entertainment RSS 2015-03-30T08:56:56-04:00 urn:uuid:7ca9a236-5c54-47d4-aa6b-eb94b95fd21f Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported), except where noted. Local Hip Hop Artist Dropping New CD at Sharkey's By DAVE LAVENDER 2015-03-30T00:01:01-04:00 <p>HUNTINGTON - The old saying goes when God shuts a door, he sometimes opens a window. And for Darnell Poole that window led straight into a recording studio.</p> <p></p> How to keep your teen driver safe The Herald-Dispatch 2015-03-30T00:01:01-04:00 <p>When 23-year-old singer-songwriter James Taylor starred in the 1971 drag-racing movie "Two Lane Blacktop" his character loved speeding down the highway. </p> <p></p> This week in W.Va. history The Herald-Dispatch 2015-03-30T00:01:01-04:00 <p>The following events happened on these dates in West Virginia history. To read more, go to e-WV: The West Virginia Encyclopedia at</p> <p></p> The newest fitness trend this year: Mixing it up By KELLI KENNEDY 2015-03-30T00:01:01-04:00 <p> MIAMI - The latest workout crazes promise to stimulate your brain and your muscles in new ways with barre plies in the air (think aerial ballet), dance cardio (think a night out) or a routine modeled after a popular cooking show.</p> The Individual Shared Responsibility Provision - the basics Courtesy of the IRS 2015-03-30T00:01:01-04:00 <p> The individual shared responsibility provision requires that you and each member of your family have qualifying health insurance, a health coverage exemption, or make a payment when you file.</p> <p> &#160;</p> Brenda Lucas: Community news for Monday, March 30 The Herald-Dispatch 2015-03-30T00:01:01-04:00 <p>CLASSES: Ballroom dance classes in swing, instructed by Gayle Riggs, are from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Sundays in April at Guyandotte's VFW Ballroom. Each class costs $7. Dress code is casual. Contact 304-453-1250 or</p> <p></p> Lost Huntington: Corbin Ltd. store The Herald-Dispatch 2015-03-30T00:01:01-04:00 <p> HUNTINGTON - In 1946, Nathan Corbin, a Russian immigrant, and his sons Lee and Howard founded a clothing manufacturing company in Brooklyn, New York.</p> <p> &#160;</p> Clyde Beal: Huntington's Museum of Radio and Technology has a lot to offer The Herald-Dispatch 2015-03-29T00:01:01-04:00 <p> Much of what used to exist in Huntington's Harveytown neighborhood has vanished. Mayo Grocery Store is gone. The Shelby Earl Glass Company closed its doors several generations ago. </p> <p></p> Dave Lavender: Late winter trip comes with its own West Virginia wonders By Dave Lavender 2015-03-29T00:01:01-04:00 <p> While West Virginia may be small in area, we know how to stack, pack and pile things vertically.</p> <p> &#160;</p> Jean McClelland: Relief molded pitchers offers lots of variety for collectors The Herald-Dispatch 2015-03-29T00:01:01-04:00 <p> Molded relief ceramics have been around for a very long time but in the 19th Century pitchers particularly picked up steam and became trendy. The reason basically being the Industrial Revolution allowed for the middle class to have goods that had previously been out of their reach financially including molded relief pitchers. In this era the pitchers were not expensive yet they were unique and artistic in appearance. These jugs were made to be used and would often sit on the Victorian&#39;s kitchen table full of beverages.</p> <p> &#160;</p>