The Herald-Dispatch Features / Entertainment RSS 2015-02-01T18:05:26-05:00 urn:uuid:7ca9a236-5c54-47d4-aa6b-eb94b95fd21f Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported), except where noted. Tickets on sale for a Dave Barry comedy dinner theater The Herald-Dispatch / 2015 urn:uuid:8d89ab04-57ba-4703-89e0-a0e0a0e569d5 2015-02-01T11:23:38-05:00 <p> HUNTINGTON - Tickets are now on sale for the long-running mission-fueled dinner theater series, The First Church Dinner Theater.</p> Best of Ansel Adams photo exhibit up through Sunday, Feb. 1 The Herald-Dispatch / 2015 urn:uuid:9f34828e-b88e-478a-a968-d0eb0f444f4d 2015-02-01T09:30:07-05:00 <p> HUNTINGTON - The stunning 47 photo exhibit by the iconic American photographer Ansel Adams is up through Sunday, Feb. 1 at the Huntington Museum of Art.</p> Clyde Beal: Huntington man offered help for grieving families after plane crash The Herald-Dispatch 2015-02-01T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Sam Cutler still has the letter he received more than 40 years ago following the Marshall University plane crash on Nov ...</p> Adopt a pet The Herald-Dispatch 2015-02-01T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Name, size, breed: Dakota is a male, Norwegian Elk hound. He is a year old and weighs around 30-35 pounds.</p> People Talk The Herald-Dispatch 2015-02-01T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Bridge winners</p> Technology at the center of future kitchens JEAN MCCLELLAND 2015-02-01T00:01:01-05:00 <p> HUNTINGTON &#8212; Kitchens are fast going high tech and they are becoming work areas we once could only dream about.</p> Jean McClelland: Railroad memorabilia popular with many collectors The Herald-Dispatch 2015-02-01T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Many people have a fascination with trains and they honor that interest by collecting railroadiana. It is a very broad field so many folks scale it down to one aspect or another. One area that fills the bill for loads of people is railroad lanterns mostly because there are countless lanterns to find, they are easy to display and many of them are still usable.</p> February events in the Tri-State The Herald-Dispatch 2015-02-01T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Events coming up this month in the Tri-State</p> Janet McCormick: Take comfort in Southwestern Shrimp Scampi Casserole The Herald-Dispatch 2015-02-01T00:01:01-05:00 <p> I can&#39;t help it, I love a good casserole. Even if I am at a restaurant that seems a bit too fancy to &quot;go there,&quot; the c ...</p> Timberline teaming up with D.C. group for first Snowfunding campaign By DAVE LAVENDER 2015-02-01T00:01:01-05:00 <p> Crowdfunding is proving a popular way to fund everything from movies and school projects to albums and community events through many people donating varying amounts of money - sometimes as little as $5 or $10 - to reach a designated total for the project.</p>