The Herald-Dispatch Features / Entertainment RSS 2014-10-22T10:23:56-04:00 urn:uuid:7ca9a236-5c54-47d4-aa6b-eb94b95fd21f Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported), except where noted. List your holiday events in our special publication The Herald-Dispatch 2014-10-22T00:24:30-04:00 <p>The Herald-Dispatch is compiling a list of holiday-related events for our special Holiday Traditions publication that wi ... </p> Brenda Lucas: Community News for Wednesday, October 22 The Herald-Dispatch 2014-10-22T00:24:30-04:00 <p> LAST: This is the last weekend for Camden Park&#39;s 16th annual &quot;Spooktacular&quot; with a historic restored haunted house, haun ...</p> Wayne County CEOS welcoming new members The Herald-Dispatch 2014-10-22T00:24:30-04:00 <p>The Herald-Dispatch</p> <p>HUNTINGTON - Are you interested in getting involved in your community? The West Virginia Community ... </p> John Rosemond: Parents often the cause of anxiety issues in kids The Herald-Dispatch 2014-10-22T00:24:30-04:00 <p> Since the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, several elementary teachers have asked me why so many of today&#39;s kids ...</p> Trick-or-treat times in the Tri-State area The Herald-Dispatch 2014-10-22T00:24:30-04:00 <p>Here's a look at upcoming trick-or-treat times for the Tri-State. If your community's information isn't listed, email it ... </p> Want to lose weight? Take the A train The Herald-Dispatch 2014-10-22T00:24:30-04:00 <p>When Duke Ellington started playing "Take the A Train" during the 1940s and 1950s, around 30 percent of North American a ... </p> Getting Pasta-licious BRENDA LUCAS urn:uuid:03ad0cfb-65c0-4bda-95cc-da280fde09e3 2014-10-21T22:46:16-04:00 <p> HUNTINGTON &#8212; Pasta is one of America&#8217;s favorite foods.</p> Candidate profile: Connie Pillich The Herald-Dispatch / 2014 urn:uuid:5c8f49b4-9017-4156-abbf-352bc7525a88 2014-10-21T22:42:14-04:00 <p> The 2014 general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.</p> Patches of color The Herald-Dispatch / 2014 urn:uuid:40bd827d-86f5-4e28-8a65-d895ac20ac26 2014-10-21T22:40:45-04:00 <p> HUNTINGTON - Leaves are finally beginning to change and reflect fall throughout Huntington.</p> Dinner tickets almost gone for first weekend of ARTS' 'Crazy for You' The Herald-Dispatch / 2014 urn:uuid:1e438260-eb37-49da-a07e-6fa9e60eb1d0 2014-10-21T15:11:49-04:00 <p> HUNTINGTON &#8212; Dinner tickets are almost gone for opening weekend of ARTS&#8217; performance of the Gerschwin-song-packed musical, &#8220;Crazy For You.&#8221;</p>