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A cheap cover for your home

Mar. 17, 2013 @ 07:31 AM

HUNTINGTON -- So you are in the mood to update your digs but your pocketbook is thin.

There is a solution. It is called paint. Not only will an application of paint in some unusual places surprise you but also will allow you to be creative and individual with your design. The best part of this renovation recipe is that it won't break the bank.

For example, say the carpet is worn and you want to go with hardwood floors but yours aren't pretty. This is a project you can accomplish yourself using some elbow grease and a can of paint. Finding the know-how for the project is as simple as online research or some direction from your local paint shop. These sources will direct you to some great paints and plans made especially for the floor that will give wonderful results. Whether it's a checkerboard, a swirl or a candy land design, it can be individually yours with color choice and a plan.

Do you covet those expensive kitchen countertops but this high-end ticket is not in your budget right now? This problem can also be solved with paint and a little patience. The process will take time, so be ready to wait out the drying period for all the coats of paint you will need to apply. After sanding the original surface you will need to apply primers, paint and sealers. One expert noted that you should go easy on the finished product for several weeks to let it season and dry thoroughly.

After finishing the countertops take a look at the cabinets. Are they looking a little worn and tired? They also can profit from a new paint job perhaps in a different color instead of being replaced. There are loads of images of colored cabinets in the home improvement magazines and their online counterparts. Take a gander and see if the idea will work for you and if not neutral is always good.

As you are dreaming up new ways to update your home look up and think about the ceilings and the crown moldings. They don't have to be white. One could choose an interesting color that will compliment what is already in place and give it a try. Paint the ceiling one color and the molding another. Are you worried you will choose the wrong colors? There is an answer to that problem as well on the Internet and at the paint store.

There are some great handouts at the paint store showing you what colors compliment each other and make a good presentation. There are plenty of websites that will show you how a color will look in a particular room or surface. Better Homes and Gardens has a website (My Color Finder) that allows you to change the color of walls in their photos to see how that color looks. There are numerous photos of a variety of rooms so you should be able to find one similar to your own. There are other similar websites just as friendly that you can access as well. This is a good tool to use either to reassure about your color choice or to get a new idea.

Its just paint and it can easily be changed to suit your mood or to improve your space. Do some research and give it a try.