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Births in the Tri-State

May. 26, 2013 @ 06:42 AM

Cabell Huntington Hospital

The following babies were born at Cabell Huntington Hospital:

May 7

Caudill -- Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stacy Caudill, a daughter, Harper Grace. Mrs. Caudill is the former Allissa Nicole Harman.

Douglas -- Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Shawn Douglas, a son, Christopher Ian. Mrs. Douglas is the former Kalli Beth Flaugher.

Lowe -- Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Emmitt Lowe, a daughter, Gabriella Sarah Dawn. Mrs. Lowe is the former Klaudia Keithandra Dingess.

Maracle -- Jessica Beverly Maracle and Tyre Andrews, a son, Tyre'se Dashon Andrews.

Przybysz -- Mr. and Mrs. William Stephan Przybysz, a son, Paul Francis. Mrs. Przybysz is the former Erica DeHaven Marchesi.

VanMeter -- Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Branch VanMeter, a daughter, Audrey Branch. Mrs. VanMeter is the former Heather Yvonne Roush.

Wilds -- Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ray Wilds, a son, Cannon Ray. Mrs. Wilds is the former Nikki Renee Anderson.

May 8

Beckley -- Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jeremy Beckley, a son, Beau. Mrs. Beckley is the former Molly Elizabeth Bennett.

Callicoat -- Mr. and Mrs. Gary Leon Callicoat II, a son, Remington Lee. Mrs. Callicoat is the former Stephanie Renee McKenzie.

Smith -- Mr. and Mrs. Joel Derek Smith, a son, Hendrix River. Mrs. Smith is the former Kristin Nicole Hunter.

Sowards -- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Scott Sowards, a daughter, Katherine Elizabeth. Mrs. Sowards is the former Jennifer Katherine Haught.

May 9

Akers -- Mr. and Mrs. John Douglas Akers, a son, Casse Jaxton. Mrs. Akers is the former Deana Maria Kilgore.

Bragg -- Mr. and Mrs. Duke Anthony Bragg, a daughter, Jacey LaShae. Mrs. Bragg is the former Melinda Sue Hodge.

Hunter -- Mikayla Breh Hunter and Patrick David Adams, a son, Brentley David Adams.

Risch -- Mr. and Mrs. Allen Paul Risch, twin daughters, Addyson Faye and Alexandria Kaye. Mrs. Risch is the former Ariel Emily Marcum.

Urban -- Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Walter Urban, a son, Bentley Ryder. Mrs. Urban is the former Contessa Briana Murphy.

Wells -- Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tyler Wells, a son, Thomas Rylan Kase. Mrs. Wells is the former Jessica Lynn Brantner.

May 10

Adkins -- Sunni Vanessa Marie Adkins, a son, Deklen Zayne Adkins.

Brumfield -- Mr. and Mrs. Terry Eugene Brumfield Jr., a daughter, Aubree Paige. Mrs. Brumfield is the former Amanda Brooke Puckett.

Thornton -- Mr. and Mrs. William Shane Thornton, a daughter, Harper Aleece. Mrs. Thornton is the former Sara Renee Young.

Wilson -- Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Chandler Wilson, a daughter, Brielle Alyse. Mrs. Wilson is the former Michaelyn Ann Butcher.

May 11

Mayhorn -- Sherri Lynn Mayhorn and David Lee Lowe II, a daughter, Sadie Adyson Lowe.

Russell -- Brittany Danielle Russell and Clayton Allen Smith, a son, Bronson Allen Smith.

Stickler -- Ashley Nicole Stickler and Joshua Ryan Roswall, a son, Bentley Ryan Roswall.

May 12

Bruce -- Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Louis Bruce, a son, Gaige Remington. Mrs. Bruce is the former Kelli Jo Thomas.

Henry -- Kali Marie Henry and Brian Scott Freeman, a daughter, Baylor Reese Freeman.

Tristan -- Mary Almonte Tristan, a daugher, Yadayah Almonte Tristan.

May 13

DeJong -- Mr. and Mrs. Johan Michael DeJong, a son, Siegfried Joshua. Mrs. DeJong is the former Rebecca Noel Bowen.

Fuller -- Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ryan Fuller, a daughter, Ally Renae. Mrs. Fuller is the former Sarah Renae Bailey.

Gregory -- Mr. and Mrs. Adam Lewis Gregory, a son, Aisley Eugene. Mrs. Gregory is the former Angela Kristina Arthur.

Hawarny -- Rita Helen Hawarny and Aaron Zachary Morrison, a son, Elias Salim Hawarny.

Kulka -- Victoria Leeann Kulka and Conner Matthew Perry, a daughter, Aurora Dawn Perry.

Russell -- Mr. and Mrs. David Lee Russell, a son, David Blake. Mrs. Russell is the former Samantha Dawn Weston.

Warner -- Jamie Ann Warner, a daughter, Mackenzie Marie Warner.

May 14

Bleigh -- Misty Ann Bleigh and Christopher Joseph Rieder, a son, Christopher Ethan Rieder.

Brewer -- Mr. and Mrs. Warren Ezra Brewer III, a son, Miles Xavier. Mrs. Brewer is the former Patty Andrea Booth.

Carley -- Mr. and Mrs. Randall Carley, a daughter, Paisely Faith. Mrs. Carley is the former Nina Christina Kelly.

Collins -- Tracy Danielle Nicole Collins and Stephen Barry Stowers, a daughter, Harlee Nicole Stowers.

Cook -- Mr. and Mrs. William Travis Cook Sr., a son, Jaxon Troy. Mrs. Cook is the former Katreena Napier.

Jordan -- Kirstian Judith Nicole Jordan and Ryan Nathan Porter, a son, Ryder Nathaniel Porter.

McMillian -- Crystal Dawn McMillian, a daughter, Zhoey Elanor Mac McMillian.

May 15

Hollback -- Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Daniel Hollback, a son, Samuel Hunter Daniel. Mrs. Hollback is the former Jami Dawn Winkleman.

Marcum -- Mr. and Mrs. Gid Alexander Marcum, a son, Jaxon Alexander. Mrs. Marcum is the former Heather Renee Newsome.

Mullin -- Mr. and Mrs. Raymond James Mullin II, a daughter, Rory Eliza. Mrs. Mullin is the former Rachel Kristin Perry.

Ransbottom -- Erica Kay Ransbottom and Jason Stephen Grimmett, a daughter, Kaylin Elaine Grimmett. Ms. Ransbottom is the former Erica Kay Wellman.

Stephens -- Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Dallon Stephens, a son, Weston Michael. Mrs. Stephens is the former Sarah Lynn Toler.

May 16

Adkins -- Mr. and Mrs. Michael Todd Adkins, a daughter, Allie Mikael. Mrs. Adkins is the former Jillian Kathleen McCoy.

Adkins -- Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Joe Adkins Jr., a daughter, Emmelia Jo. Mrs. Adkins is the former Cassidy Jane Akers.

Gonzales -- Mr. and Mrs. Pablo Limon Gonzales II, a son, Abram Christopher. Mrs. Gonzales is the former Georgia Leona Frye.

McCloud -- Mr. and Mrs. Jason Howard McCloud, a son, Palmer Reed. Mrs. McCloud is the former Tara Beth Cline.

Prouse -- Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Lee Prouse, a son, Brogan Garrett. Mrs. Prouse is the former Melody Danielle Cunningham.

Thompson -- Mr. and Mrs. David Ryan Thompson, a son, Bodie Allen. Mrs. Thompson is the former Julie Ellen Browning.

May 17

Burdick -- Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Marshall Burdick, a son, Graham Webster. Mrs. Burdick is the former Keri Lynn Lawhon.

Cureton -- Mr. and Mrs. Reco Javon Cureton, a son, Reco Javon Jr. Mrs. Cureton is the former Sheena Shaynelle Dennis.

Johnson -- Nicole Rae Johnson and Justin Adriel Menslage, a daughter, Emiya Lynell Fay Menslage.

Mallory -- Mr. and Mrs. Krisopher Allen Mallory, a daughter, Jolene Elizabeth. Mrs. Mallory is the former Jamie Lynn McCormick.

Payne -- Jennifer Elizabeth Payne, a son, Dylan Lucas Payne.

Sowards -- Mr. and Mrs. Jared Lee Sowards, a daughter, Kiyah LeAnn. Mrs. Sowards is the former April Adkins.

May 18

Casey -- Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Michael Casey, a son, Maddox Bentley. Mrs. Casey is the former Courtney Renee Boling.

Moore -- Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Curtis Moore, a son, Hunter Blake. Mrs. Moore is the former Kayla Chantel Porter.

Slone -- Opal Renae Slone, a son, Joey Robert Hudson.

St. Mary's Medical Center

The following babies were born at St. Mary's Medical Center:

May 2

Johnson -- Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Lee Johnson, a daughter, Gianna Marie. Mrs. Johnson is the former Martina Marie Bills.

May 4

Erwin -- Mr. and Mrs. Larry Erwin Jr., a son, Logan Reece. Mrs. Erwin is the former Jamie Jarvis.

May 5

Stewart -- Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Austin Stewart, a son, Caspian Austin. Mrs. Stewart is the former Tiffani Jo Taylor.

May 6

Maynard -- Stephani Charisse Maynard and Garrett Keith Chapman, a daughter, Kaylee Grace. Mrs. Maynard is the former Stephani Charisse Maynard.

May 8

Burger -- Mr. and Mrs. Jason Burger, a son, Dax Andrew. Mrs. Burger is the former Stacey Gebhardt.

Damron -- Mr. and Mrs. Drew Damron, a son, Easton Andrew. Mrs. Damron is the former Elizabeth Amis.

May 9

Doddridge -- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Doddridge, a daughter, Harlow Elizabeth. Mrs. Doddridge is the former Luda Reyburn.

Jenkins -- Mr. and Mrs. Todd Jenkins, a son, Brigham Michael. Mrs. Jenkins is the former Chanda Adkins.

Perry -- Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Perry, a son, Karsen Hezekiah. Mrs. Perry is the former Bridgette Perry.

Rose -- Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Rose, a son, Silas Benjamin. Mrs. Rose is the former Kimberly Lester.

May 11

Wiley -- Haley Wiley and John King III, a son, Noah Jayse King.