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Tourism ideas in the Tri-State for 2013

May. 07, 2013 @ 10:45 PM

Tips to help improve experience for visitors

National Travel and Tourism Week is a good time to look at how you can play a stronger role in creating a better experience for our guests. Travel expert Dr. Peter Tarlow offers the following suggestions:

Have an appreciative attitude. Have a mindset in which you are grateful for every customer.

Remember that tourists do not need to return. Develop a new or creative way to get visitors to want to return to your establishment.

Put your best foot forward. Frontline personnel set the tone of a tourism experience. Treat every single customer as it's the first time doing business with you.

Treat your frontline people as kings and queens. These are the people who are the "face of tourism." Visitors do not care about policies developed at the head office. They care how they are treated and that if they have a problem it will be handled in an efficient and kind manner.

Use the customer's preferred names in conversation after the first conversation. Remember that being appreciative is not about you, but about the customer.

Send a thank you card, email or letter for every purchase somebody makes. Written communication acts as a way to show appreciation, and permits branding re-enforcement.

Opportunity: When there is a problem do you become defensive or do you ask what you can do to make this person feel better? Are you smiling? Have you shown a customer today that he or she is a special person?