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Hip-hop artist Wade to release single

Apr. 25, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

HUNTINGTON -- It may sound counterproductive, but David Wade or 2Wop is trying to get into the hip hop game from the sidelines.

"Sideline Story" is the name of his new single that's being released Friday, April 26, on iTunes, Rhapsody and all digital outlets.

The single is off of his upcoming CD, "Hooddream$ and Brightlight$," being put out by his Grind Hard Musik Group with engineering assistance from Atlanta-based producer and engineer Jack Brown, best known for engineering 2Chainz' No. 1 Billboard album, "Based on a T.R.U. Story."

Wade, who has been battling health problems after a winter car wreck that gave him three herniated discs and a pinched nerve, said he'd been waiting to get into good health to start releasing music again. he's got two shows coming up as well, a May 13 showcase in Atlanta and then a May 30 showcase in Miami, Fla.

Wade, who helped his younger brother Dominique (D3), get his latest demo, "Intro to Greatness," featured in Hip Hop Weekly, said the single "Sideline Story" is a cautionary tale of how he's seen waves of people get drawn in and down by the drug culture.

"This story is a story about how females are always chasing these guys with the fancy cars and the drug dealer image," Wade said. "In this she ends up getting caught in a drug raid and ends up in the situation. The second verse is about getting your life together and how you need to grind and work to get your money."

Wade, who did 30 months in prison from 2007 to 2009, knows that game and said he's trying to take all of his A-game into his music and making it his career.

Wade said he's stoked for people to hear the five-song mixtape that's equally flavored with fellow local artists such as D3 and CityPhil, in addition to Brown as well as an R&B singer Marka.

He said "Hooddream$" should be out soon, with more on the way as they're continuing to write and record original music.

"My engineer just came back to Atlanta from being in Coachella with 2Chainz. They were out there about all month, so he was out there tied up, so now he'll be completing the last song," Wade said of the final cut, "Bang," that features Atlanta hip hop artists Trouble and Big Bank Black, both who are with Duct Tape Entertainment.

Wade said the title cut really distills every person's dream of tasting success.

"I named it hood dreams and bright lights because everybody who comes form Huntington or any average Joe has dreams when they're coming from any rough environment of poverty and slow," Wade said. "I always had dreams of making it to the bright lights, the stage lights whether it was the NFL or the NBA, it was going to be bright lights and claps and that level of making it -- success."

Wade said he's excited for the two May Coast-to-Coast showcases where he'll be performing for fellow artists and some people in the industry.

"With all the contacts I have I'd like to open a lot of doors for a lot of other artists and open eyes to A&R's and record labels to even look out and search this area for talent," Wade said. "I want everybody to have some kind of unity in this area. You can't really do it by yourself. We need to link up and work together. If you represent your state you want to represent not as a hater but as somebody who's caring and loving and wanting to help people."