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Rescuing the unwanted, abandoned animals of Appalachia

Nov. 19, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

Located approximately one hour away from downtown Huntington, hidden safely away from the outside, troubled world and nestled beside a bubbling brook in a secluded valley surrounded by the wooded, hilly forests of eastern Appalachian Kentucky, there exists a spiritual, emotional place of compassion and peaceful tranquility -- one that has steadfastly offered food, shelter, security and love to hundreds and hundreds of discarded, frightened animals over the course of the last 22 years -- The Trixie Foundation's 153 acre 'no-kill', care-for-life animal sanctuary, 'Eden'.

Began in January, 1990 by founder Randy Skaggs upon the death of his beloved Norwegian Elkhound 'Trixie,' Randy, brokenhearted after her passing, made a promise to himself that just like he had rescued and saved the small, sickly, abandoned puppy Trixie from certain death years before, he would now do the same for other unwanted, 'thrown away' animals that had nowhere else to turn for shelter, security or love. It would all be in his precious dog Trixie's name and, in her memory. As a result of his undying love for his faithful dog Trixie -- over the course of the last 22 years, The Trixie Foundation has worked tirelessly to address animal welfare in rural Appalachia.

In addition to having rescued many individual animals or even whole litters of starving, unwanted and abandoned puppies, dogs, kittens and cats that were found over the years, The Trixie Foundation has also stood up for all defenseless animals by researching the laws and statutes as to state and county government's legal responsibilities and obligations insofar as addressing animal welfare and providing real animal shelters as required by law in individual counties. In fact, The Trixie Foundation has filed Public Records Requests in every single county in Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio asking for legal documents pertaining to their county's animal welfare and animal sheltering programs. In Kentucky, it even filed a class-action lawsuit against 397 Kentucky county judge executives, commissioners, magistrates plus the commissioner of agriculture himself for failing to comply with and enforce the animal control and animal sheltering statutes. Afterwards, it wasn't long before brand new county animal shelters began appearing across the state.

As another way of helping people who have animals they can no longer adequately provide care for, The Trixie Foundation also offers a 'Sponsorship Program' whereby it will accept animals for lifetime care at its Appalachian sanctuary. However, as over 90 percent of the 240 animals the 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation currently provides care to are 'rescues.' Your financial help and support would be greatly appreciated and enable us to do even more for those innocent creatures that are unable to protect themselves. Moreover, all contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Donations may be mailed to: The Trixie Foundation, P.O. Box 1, Webbville, KY 41180. Email us at sanctuary@thetrixiefoundation.org or visit our Website at www.thetrixiefoundation.org .

Randy Skaggs is the founder of the Trixie Foundation.