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Annual fundraiser kicks off in historic neighborhood

Dec. 02, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

HUNTINGTON -- Today, Dec. 2, is the Holiday Candlelight House Tour, and it is the largest moneymaker for the Arts Resources for the Tri-State.

Housed in the Renaissance Center (the old Huntington High), the group whose programs strive to instill a deeper sense of appreciation of the arts in the community, likes to think it is doing its part to support the building as well. Jim St.Clair, whose wife Mickey is on the board, said, "We volunteered our house for the tour because we think this is a great cause plus we like the idea of the group being in the old Huntington High to support that historical building located on the Southside."

The St.Clair house, also on the Southside, will be a real treat for everyone to see. Mickey St. Clair, who is a retired interior designer by trade, has done a fabulous job spreading Christmas cheer throughout their home. This is only their second Christmas in the house and she related a great story about a visit from three angels while working in the yard.a

"I was working in the flower garden planting some perennials when I heard something behind me," she said. "I turned and there were two women and a man standing there looking at the house. They asked me if I lived here and I told them yes, and they introduced themselves as the Angel family whose father built the house, and they lived here as children. We enjoyed a good visit, and they explained some things about the house such as why the master bedroom was so large. It was because there once was a nursery attached to it and now it is all one big room. They were very nostalgic about the house and liked what I had done with it. So I like to say I was visited by three angels."

Today when you enter the foyer of the house, Father Christmas will meet you in all his splendor. Doorways and mantles will be covered in holiday green enhanced by lots of twinkling lights. When asked what was the best hint she could offer about getting your house ready for Christmas Mickey said, "Work on the lighting. Too much of it can look garish and too little will make your decoration hard to see. Plus get some help. My husband and his friend have done all the outside lighting -- they should be electricians."

She is using some great halogen battery operated spotlights on several of the inside decorations that visitors might want to note for their own use.

There will be two trees at the St.Clair house, one celebrating Christ's birth and one she called the Woodland tree. The nativity tree has an actual nativity set place in the tree with beautiful gold angles and red sparkly poinsettias surrounding it. The Woodland tree is made up of forest animals placed on a flocked grapevine tree. Both trees are exquisite and well worth seeing.

This house and the other seven houses on the tour each have their own flavor of Christmas and will inspire you to go home and dig out your own decorations. It is always fun to see how other people get ready for the season, and these houses will not disappoint you.

The tour goes from 1 to 7 p.m. The Festival of Wreaths being held in conjunction with the tour will be from noon to 5 p.m. at First Sentry Bank on 8th Street. Tickets are $20, available at the door of any of the homes, or $15 if purchased at the Festival of Wreaths. Tickets can also be purchased at Mug and Pia, Simply Whisk, Justice Glass, Olde World Traditions, Hatchers Greenhouse (West Virginia location only) or at ARTS by calling 304-733-2787.

This is a great cause for a group that truly enhances our community.

Tour 1-7 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 2

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harvey

104 Leisure Lane,


Mr. and Mrs. Andy Mullins

2961 Staunton Road


Dr. and Mrs. Charles Abraham

191 Camelot Drive, Huntington

Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Hall

1558 Washington Blvd.


Ms. LaMoine Potter

1456 Washington Blvd.


Mr. and Mrs. Jim St. Clair

128 10th Ave., Huntington

Ms. Kim Maynard

Ms. Rebecca Mundy

214 11th Ave., Huntington

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pelfrey

409 West Whitaker Blvd.