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Cold weather is the perfect time to freshen your bedroom feel

Jan. 20, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

HUNTINGTON -- The drab days of winter tend to encourage many of us to spend more time in the bedroom.

Some like to cozy down in the covers to watch a favorite television show or just to read a book. However, once we leave that warm bed we want it to say 'come back and wile away another hour or two.' So how do you make or dress a bed to deliver that message?

For starters make the bed properly. If you don't know how, there are all sorts of instructions on the Internet. From YouTube to Martha Stewart, the advice on proper tucking of sheets and layering of blankets is prolific. Most of them suggest if you are not using a fitted sheet or blanket then perfect the old 'army tuck' at the bottom of the bed. Everyone knows that when its time to go to bed at night it is much nicer to crawl into a tidy attractive bed than a rumpled mess of sheets. It just feels better and is more inviting.

Once the basics are tended to then one can branch out to making the bed to reflect personal tastes. The first step is choosing the type of sheets that will properly dress your bed. Do you want flannel or percale or sateen, will 200 count do or must it be 1000 count, do you want color, white or patterned?

Decisions, decisions. Take heart in that these don't have to be lasting decisions because one of the easiest changes one can make in décor is to change the bed linens. Consumer Reports has a very educational video on the Internet that will help you make a better decision for you when you purchase bedding.

One designer suggested that one doesn't have to be tied to matchy, matchy but you can branch out and mix patterns as long as the colors coordinate. Taking this avenue might save some money in that one could put together décor with odd linens that have hit the discount table. Also along this line, one might consider combining textures as well as patterns. Why not have sateen sheets, a cotton quilt and a velvet throw all in coordinating colors? It could add interest to the scene.

A whole other avenue one should investigate is sleeping pillows. There are so many types of sleeping pillows and there is one that will match your sleeping style if you just do a bit of research. Whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper there is a pillow made just for you.

Now with other types of pillows that are for decorative purposes there tend to be a few rules of thumb for the placement.

First, most designers suggest that one doesn't want to have so many throw pillows on the bed that there isn't room for you. Who wants to take half an hour to remove and replace them each day? The first pillow on the bed will be the sleeping pillow and a person might just have that one with a few toss pillows to add color. However, if you really want to go for it then add a big square version in a Euro sham, a couple of standard pillows and a few smaller ones to finish the picture. Whether it is the pattern or the size you are adding to the bed the largest patterns and largest pillows go to the back and the smallest finishes in the front.

Before making any huge changes in your cozy lair spend some time looking at the photos of different bedrooms. With this being the white sale season there will be lots of publications for you to dissect and reflect upon for your place of comfort.