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Copper pots, steins make perfect fall accessories

Oct. 28, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

What do copper pots, beer steins, apple butter, platters and pumpkins have in common? They all reflect the fall season and shepherd us from the hot days of summer into the cool winds of winter. As many of us change our décor to reflect the season, we can call on some of these accessories to cozy up the house.

American made copper pots have been with us from the very early 1800s primarily made in New England and the Pennsylvania areas. The makers were prolific cranking out candlesticks, pots, pans and more reflecting the age-old demand for it. Of particular interest to antiquers were the copper apple butter kettles that many still use today to make apple butter or for decorative purposes.

Another fall accessory is a beer stein that can often remind of us of cold weather sports. What is a football game without beer and these historical vessels that can either serve as the glass or as the decoration. Filled with flowers or beer they are an interesting fall antique.

If beer steins were not your preference then perhaps teapots would help you appreciate the cooling weather. Brewing tea in teapots was a custom that took about 300 years to spread throughout Asia and into Europe. The Dutch traders were first to bring tea and the brewing pots to Europe where the British embraced both wholeheartedly. One can still brew a fine pot of tea and reflect on the path teapots have taken to get to your kitchen table on a fall afternoon.

Once cool weather comes our way we know Halloween isn't far behind. Antique Halloween decorations can first be traced back to our friends the Germans. Their early jack-o-lanterns can sell for thousands of dollars. In recent years this hobby has taken on a huge number of followers, and just reading about it on the Internet is interesting and a great way to pass a cold rainy day.

If ever there was a season for antique dishes it is especially true during the fall festivities. Many folks embrace the heirloom dishes from past generations over the fall holidays. Grandmother's turkey platter or Aunt Nancy's silver punch bowl add nostalgia and beauty to any festive table.

Most of these items can be bought for less than $100, although some rare examples can be thousands of dollars. Either way, any or all of them can enhance your life or your decor this fall season.

Jean McClelland writes about antiques for The Herald-Dispatch.