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Barboursville home a favorite for local tricks and treats

Oct. 28, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

BARBOURSVILLE -- The scariest happy holiday of the year is coming up. Halloween will descend on us this week with haunted houses, trick-or-treating and of course loads of decorations.

This celebration definitely brings out the kid in many adults and no one experiences that more than Don Plybon of Barboursville. He has a great time decorating his yard and including his family in the annual event.

When asked how he got so involved in the trickster season, he explained.

"I use to be involved in Little League and as a fundraiser we would do a haunted trail," he said. "The key item on the trail was a coffin we borrowed from a local funeral home. The story of the old fashioned coffin itself is fun -- it seems a man who wanted an old time type funeral had it made to order for himself but when he eventually died he had gained so much weight he didn't fit in it. He was buried in another coffin and the funeral home was stuck with this one that they decided to loan out. Finally, the last year we borrowed it they made us a deal we couldn't refuse, they would loan it to us if we never brought it back."

Plybon has a good laugh about the story and goes on to relate that he eventually ended up with the coffin after the haunted trail fizzled out. From there he says he has built his Halloween yard decorations around the coffin.

"That's the centerpiece of the display," he said.

Today it rests against his porch rail awaiting victims to spook and intimidate.

One can't look enough at all of the different scenarios Plybon has tied together with a unique display of headstones. From pirates hanging in a cage to a witch stirring a cauldron, he has lots of ghouls and goblins floating across the front of his house. There are even mice and snakes on the sidewalk. After checking out all the decorations, the surrounding bogus graveyard is worthy of spending a moment or two contemplating -- particularly the gravestones.

Plybon related that the stones are the result of family gatherings where the messages are created. Examples include, "Horse Thief Hanged," "1842" or "Blown Upward Out of Sight -- He Sought The Gas Leak With A Candle" or simply "Hannibal Lector" and "RIP." Plybon enjoys his family taking part in the holiday.

"On trick-or-treat night everyone comes here to start the evening and then ends up here as well," he said. "We all have a good time with it especially the kids."

On that particular night Plybon gets out his favorite addition to his Halloween scene. Along with strobe lights he has a smoke-making machine - and not just an ordinary one but an industrial strength one.

"By the end of the evening we have fog all up and down the street," he said. "I got it on the Internet, and it really works. Makes everything look spooky and adds to the atmosphere."

There are a lot of bits and pieces that go toward creating this entertaining display and storage doesn't seem to be a problem.

"I put it all under the house, however, I have to always warn repairmen when they go down there that they will see a coffin," he said. "They always give me a second look."

This is a great holiday to just have fun, and Don Plybon knows how to enjoy it and share his fun with friends and family. It is worth a trip down Peyton Street to check it out.