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The latest from a few Tri-State authors

Jun. 27, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

HUNTINGTON -- From awards to new projects to book signings, Tri-State-based authors always stay busy.

Here's a look at a few news and notes from some your neighborhood authors.

Award winner

Proctorville, Ohio resident Taylor Fulks, author of "My Prison Without Bars: The Journey of a Damaged Woman to Someplace Normal," was awarded The Indie Reader Discovery Award for her novel. She earned first place in the Sexuality/Relationships category. The ceremony took place June 1, at the Book Expo of American in New York City. Fulks attended the ceremony.

Fulks is a self-published author whose novel has garnered 128 reviews, including 114 5-stars, on Amazon.com and has kept its Top 100 Bestseller status in two categories for 17 weeks.When Amazon offered a free promo of the book in February, it received 8,000 downloads.

For more information, go online at www.taylorfulks.com or check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

Picture words

Huntington-based author Jill Templeton will sign copies of her book, "Picture Words: A Love Story," from 6-8 p.m. Saturday, June 29, at Empire Books and News at Pullman Square in downtown Huntington.

Templeton, who has three children and five grandchildren, said in an attempt to record memories and insight that were shared with her by her granddaughter, who is deaf, a love story emerged.

"The main character in the book, Lillie, is deaf, but the same logic could apply to any young woman who is considered by society to be 'different,'" she said.

Learn more or buy the book at www.picturewords.org.

Thoughts of a mother

Elizabeth McQuaide-Parlock, a local mother of 10, has learned a few things in her 31 years of parenting. Her book, "Thoughts From A Mother Of 10," is ready for printing. McQuaide-Parlock has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the printing.

The book touches on 100 topics in alphabetical order for easy access. She hopes to assist other parents in their "awesome but challenging role." She hopes her writing and pictures may cause a few chuckles.

"Humor is the secret to survival in this profession," she said.

The estimated date of the first printing is July 29.

To help McGuaide-Parlock, go online at www.kickstarter.com and view her project by plugging in her name. You may also preorder the book at the same time.

Sefton pens 13th book

Rose Sefton, of Huntington, has written her 13th book, "Angel of Weilheim: 1936 Weilheim, Germany," available through PublishAmerica.

The book centers on a mother's love is brutally tested in 1936, in Nazi Germany when Ursel Sterr must make a life or death decision for her child, Ermintrude, who has been declared a Mongoloid Idiot, by Dr. Vogel, head of the Racial Purity Committee. The child is hunted down and learns to hide constantly, even from her brothers, Konrad and Henri who are members of the Hitler Youth Organization. Amsel and Ursel erect a cross on a hill that announces the death of the child, but she is very much alive. Then Frau Jung, an elderly Jewish woman, hides in the butter larder. The threat for harboring either is death. Hans Rickenbach, a neighboring farmer, has offered his land as a command center for dozens of warplanes. Ursel and Amsel Sterr have no choice but to build a tree house just above the Nazis where the elderly Jew and the disabled child wait in horror to be discovered.

For more information, go online at www.facebook.com/publishamerica.publisher and www.publishamerica.com.