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Apr. 17, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

Honest moms: Daydreams of 'Downton Abbey' manners and a French diet

Robyn Rison and Jean Hardiman are both raising little ones - Robyn, two boys ages 5 and 3, and Jean, two girls ages 6 and 4 (with a grown stepdaughter as well). They decided to save some of their daily parenting conversations for posterity.

Apr. 17, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

Watch for signs of autism

Do you know someone who's been diagnosed with autism? Chances are you do. Statistics show the prevalence of autism in the United States is estimated at one in 68 births.

Apr. 16, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

Coffee can be a universal language - and so can a smile

"Coffee is a language in itself." - Jackie Chann

"To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions." - Hugh Jackman

Apr. 16, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

Angela Henderson-Bentley: Jon Cryer's autobiography is full of juicy details

The only thing I love to read more than a good autobiography of a TV star is a good and juicy autobiography of a TV star. And you don't get much juicier than Jon Cryer's new autobiography, "So That Happened," which hit stores last week.


Apr. 16, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

Community theaters are brimming with fresh shows

HUNTINGTON - Spring semester is in full swing and that means community theaters are brimming with fresh shows ready for the hot lights of the stage.


Apr. 16, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

Junior League's 10th Annual Character Breakfast set for Saturday

HUNTINGTON - If you're looking for princesses and superheroes this weekend, you might want to check the Big Sandy Superstore Arena's Grand Ballroom.


Apr. 16, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

Fly In Cafe offers seafood, unique atmosphere

Along the bank of the Ohio River in the Huntington community of Lesage, the Robert Newlon Airport is a small airfield for amateur fliers, hobbyists and skydivers.

Apr. 16, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

Harshbarger's latest novel, 'Valley at Risk-Shelter in Place,' a page-turner

From the dramatic cover drawing of a chemical plant silhouetted against a raging fire to the title, which reads like an ominous warning blared from bullhorns and mobile speakers, Dwight Harshbarger's latest novel again exposes the dark heart of West Virginia's chemical giant, Union Carbide. In his first novel, "Witness at Hawks Nest," Harshbarger told, in story form, of the deadliest industrial accident in America's history, and its cover-up, when between 800 and 1,500 men died building the Hawks Nest tunnel in southern West Virginia. Union Carbide was the culprit here, too.

Apr. 16, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

A veritable cornucopia of entertainment options abounds this season

HUNTINGTON - It's spring and this is no time to play it safe when there are so many great ways to take a ride on the wild side.

Apr. 16, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

Brenda Lucas: Community news for Thursday, April 16

BOOKS: A week-long book sale of new and used books begins at 9 a.m. Friday, April 17, at Gallaher Village Public Library. Proceeds support children's programs.