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Physical activity can help boost your metabolism

May. 23, 2013 @ 11:50 PM

What we consume each day through eating and drinking is transformed into energy for our bodies to use through a process called metabolism.

It provides energy even for our most basic functions, such as breathing, blood supply and healing and repair of our bodies.

Those who are more physically active, regardless of whether the activity consists of designated exercise or working around the house, will see more significant results on their metabolism than those who are less physically active, which in turn can allow for increased calorie burning.

Weight gain generally occurs when we consume more calories than we expend, so it is important to understand the balance.

Different types of metabolism account for our daily caloric expenditure and those who are physically active will likely see more calories burned with each type than those who are not active.

Resting metabolism accounts for nearly 60-75% of the calories burned daily and is engaged when our body is resting quietly and conducting basic functions.

Processing what we eat and drink accounts for 5-10% of calories burned each day and the remaining calories that our body burns come from physical activity.

Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue and certain individuals often are able to burn more calories than others, such as those who have a high muscle percentage, younger individuals and men.

Metabolism tends to slow as we age, therefore it is important to maintain a physical activity routine throughout each stage of life for better weight control and continued health benefits as we get older.

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