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What’s Cooking at Huntington’s Kitchen

Sep. 24, 2012 @ 11:16 AM

Sometimes the greatest challenges of a healthy lifestyle are found at the dinner table.

And because healthy living is a result of healthy eating, the partnership at Huntington’s Kitchen among Cabell Huntington Hospital, the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine and Ebenezer Medical Outreach Inc. is a valuable tool in fighting the region’s problems with chronic health problems such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Inside Huntington’s Kitchen, the recognizable storefront along Third Avenue where thousands of residents have learned to cook healthier meals in recent years, there is an education revolution taking place.

Seniors are refreshing their skills in the art of fresh cooking and bariatric patients are staying on the path of healthy eating after undergoing surgery. Behind all of these classes are volunteers and staff from Cabell Huntington Hospital and Ebenezer Medical Outreach, who are dedicated to providing Tri-State citizens with unique opportunities to improve their lives.

“Part of the mission of Ebenezer Medical Outreach states that we provide preventive care, and as an outreach service at Huntington’s Kitchen, we have that opportunity,” said Ashley Thompson, Director of Development at Ebenezer Medical Outreach, Inc. “This is a teaching kitchen where we are able to provide Food Revolution courses and several Cooking Matters courses that focus on chronic disease for patients of Ebenezer Medical Outreach as well as residents from throughout the Tri-State area. We are grateful for our partnership with Cabell Huntington Hospital and all of their support. Together, as a community, we can fight these diseases.”

Classes at Huntington’s Kitchen are offered at no charge or at a reduced rate. They are available all year, and offer opportunities for people to change the course of chronic disease or prevent health problems from ever beginning.

If you would like to register please call 304-522-0887 and ask about the courses currently offered. You can also visit www.huntingtons-kitchen.org for more information about upcoming courses, schedules and costs.


What’s Cooking at Huntington’s Kitchen

• Cooking Matters for Diabetics (six-week course on Wednesdays) - October 3 through November 7 at 5:30 p.m.

• Cooking Matters for Seniors
• Gluten-Free Cooking

For more information about Cooking classes or to register, please call 304-522-0887 or e-mail Marisa Blatt at marisablatt@emohealth.org