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A tribute to all mothers of the world: Past, present and to be

May. 07, 2011 @ 10:25 PM

Mothers are a gift of God to a troubled world. Mothers are angels in the disguise of human form.

The glorious and sweet name of Mother is earned not just by the biological wonder of pregnancy, but by the unique and most special devotion of these women called Mothers to serve and raise with God-like love the children of the world, whose young and fresh lives are the building blocks of the ever recurrent future of humanity.

Those very dear, wonderful and extraordinary women who answer to the magical name of Mother epitomize one of the highest expressions of selfless love ever known: Mother's love.

Mothers know best that every child, teenager and adult is as unique and different from others, as it is the case with human fingerprints. Diversity is the trademark and signature of God's creation. The non-acceptance by man of God's choice for diversity has filled the book of mankind with pages and pages, too many to count, of very dark and abominable history, full of evil and hate, which has broken the hearts of mothers of the world and whose tears, if collected, would have formed deep, very deep, rivers and lakes.

Mothers' love fights the evils of society by teaching through example a love that is unconditional, compassionate and in full acceptance of the sacred right to the diversity of others.

Mothers of the world have been entrusted by God, with the teaching of peace and tolerance, through the planting of their seeds of Motherly love.

Thanks to our Lord God, for all the Mothers of the world and their almost divine love, and may each and all Mothers be blessed on Mother's Day and forever and ever more.