The Herald-Dispatch Gallery: Historical Photos RSS 2015-01-26T17:42:21-05:00 urn:uuid:ccc82d64-392a-4d5c-a70b-c29b33ec46c1 Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported), except where noted. Gallery: 1937 Flood historical photos The Herald-Dispatch urn:uuid:655d3a0e-ec60-4a98-8ddd-dbd33b2e045a 2015-01-26T12:37:09-05:00 <p> On Jan. 27, 1937, the Ohio River crested in the Tri-State in the worst flood in local recorded history. The Flood of 1937 caused the river to reach a depth of 69.45 feet, more than 19 feet above flood stage in Huntington.</p> Gallery: Past winners of the annual Herald-Dispatch Citizen Awards The Herald-Dispatch urn:uuid:97addb27-60ec-4d0a-9b5b-c8cda83d1dde 2015-01-20T12:30:34-05:00 <p> HUNTINGTON -- Each year, The Herald-Dispatch&#39;s Citizen Awards program recognizes citizenship, volunteer efforts and accomplishments in business, athletics and the arts.</p> Gallery: Remembering the victims of the Emmons fire, Jan. 13, 2007 The Herald-Dispatch urn:uuid:19092ea6-e27d-468f-ac2c-3b8803177617 2015-01-13T12:34:47-05:00 <p> Nine people died in the Emmons Jr. apartment building Saturday, Jan. 13, 2007. The victims were Joseph Szilvasi; Briar Harmon, 40; Mary Biss, 69; Ann F. Saleh and her 7-year-old son, Seth Justus; Beatrice Devore Yancey, 45; and siblings Ben Lucas, 19, Angel Lucas, 17, and Quentin Lucas, 14.</p> Gallery: Remembering the Emmons Fire, Jan. 13, 2007 2011/The Herald-Dispatch urn:uuid:9f392ad6-57c9-4b89-b708-1338d8ca1ace 2015-01-13T12:30:00-05:00 <p> A <span class="highlight">fire</span> at the <span class="highlight">Emmons</span> Jr. apartment building started about 11 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 13, 2007, and killed nine people. Flames raced through the building, destroying it and the neighboring <span class="highlight">Emmons</span> Sr. apartment building.</p> Gallery: Historical photos of the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge The Herald-Dispatch urn:uuid:50d36aaf-4fcf-48b6-9074-0ec8db6670f2 2014-12-15T12:05:00-05:00 <p> Photos related to the Silver Bridge at Point Pleasant and its collapse on Dec. 15, 1967.</p> Gallery: Pullman Square through the years The Herald-Dispatch / 2015 urn:uuid:7300e3ec-c945-435e-a4d1-bc978e749503 2014-12-13T23:45:00-05:00 <p> Check out our gallery of photos from the design and construction of Huntington&#39;s Pullman Square as well as some photos of notable events since its opening.</p> Gallery: Historical Pearl Harbor photos The Herald-Dispatch urn:uuid:f0457cb9-b123-4ac7-bda0-b32d4a835f0f 2014-12-07T14:40:00-05:00 <p> Pearl Harbor day marks Dec. 7, 1941, when Japanese planes attacked the U.S. Pearl Harbor base in Hawaii.</p> Gallery: President George W. Bush visits in 2004 The Herald-Dispatch / 2015 urn:uuid:ccc6422f-8df2-4d92-acc7-e8cd89477773 2014-09-14T18:20:20-04:00 <p> It has been 10 years since President George W. Bush made a couple of campaign trips to the Tri-State.</p> Gallery: Photos from the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 The Associated Press urn:uuid:d1caa492-f51c-4c23-a534-1ce29d94d312 2014-09-11T10:08:40-04:00 <p> A series of four coordinated terrorist attacks launched by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda upon the United States in New York City and the Washington, D.C., area on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, killed almost 3,000 people and caused at least $10 billion in property and infrastructure damage.</p> Gallery: Marshall's 1971 victory against Xavier The Herald-Dispatch 2014-09-01T14:55:24-04:00 <p> The Young Thundering Herd of Marshall University (dark jerseys) beat Xavier University (white jerseys) 15-13 on Sept. 25, 1971, at Fairfield Stadium.</p>