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2011 0530 xhistory 07

Herald-Dispatch photo archive -

Chuck Bell, left, soaks up some sun at Dreamland Pool . He thinks the photo is from 1948 or 1949. "Koki Booth was a friend of mine. He lived in Kenova, and his uncle was the builder/owner of Dreamland, so my friends and I used to get in free. I grew up in Huntington. My grandfather was Dr. Samuel E. Langfitt, a dentist. My father, Shirley Bell, was night editor of the Herald Dispatch and had a music critic column called The Music Box," he writes. Dreamland Pool, first opened in 1926, was once the largest swimming pool in the United States east of the Mississippi River, measuring 250 feet by 125 feet. The original construction, seen here, included a three-story pavilion that ran the length of the pool. The top floor of the pavilion included a dance floor, where many notable Big Bands played though the 1930s and 1940s and attracted big names such as Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra. A June 29, 1973, fire destroyed the pavilion, but the rest of the facility survived. The pool was conveyed to the City of Kenova in 1973. Presently, the Kenova Parks & Recreation Board oversees the operation and management of the facility. About the size of a football field, Dreamland sports two cement floats equidistant from each other in the middle of the pool to allow swimmers a place to rest. Date is unknown.

Gallery: Do you remember? -- May 31, 2011

May. 31, 2011 @ 02:08 PM

We have a treasure trove of old negatives and photos at The Herald-Dispatch. Some of the images, we know. Others, we have no idea.


May 23, 2011

May 16, 2011

May 9, 2011 -- Huntington State Hospital fire on Nov. 26, 1952

May 2, 2011

April 25, 2011

April 18, 2011

April 11, 2011

April 4, 2011

March 28, 2011

1984 Marshall vs. ETSU, welcome home rally

March 21, 2011

March 20, 2011

March 16, 2011

March 15, 2011

March 9, 2011

March 8, 2011

March 7, 2011

Feb. 28, 2011

Feb. 23, 2011

Feb. 21, 2011

Feb. 14, 2011

Feb. 7, 2011

Jan. 31, 2011

Jan. 24, 2011

Jan. 17, 2011

Jan. 10, 2011

Jan. 6, 2011

Jan. 3, 2011

Dec. 27, 2010

Dec. 20, 2010

Dec. 14, 2010

We are scanning the negatives and photos and running some of the photos in the newspaper.

These photos were from a box of 4x5 negatives.

Browse through the gallery. If you can add caption information to any of the photos (or correct a caption we already have), e-mail online editor Andrea Copley-Smith at acopley@herald-dispatch.com or call 304-526-2764. Be sure to include the title of the gallery, details of the photo, your name and phone number.