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2012 0709 xhistory 11

Herald-Dispatch photo archive -

This image was in an envelope marked "John F., C&O." The last name might be Feuderman or Fulerman. At left is Marshall University physical science professor Stanley Ash. Third from left is Jack Nichols, who earlier taught science in the Cabell County Schools and later was head of the student teaching of Marshall students. Thanks to Ken Reffeitt for the information. "I had Nichols for chemistry in 1967, and he was one of the best teachers I ever had," said Bob Grant. "His wife, Betty, was the journalism teacher at Huntington High School, publishing the Tatler school newspaper in addition to teaching English. His son, Jack Jr., became a teacher, also, and recently retired as principal of Altizer (I think)." Richard McCoy added that Mr. Nichols had two grand prize science fair winners in 1957. "He accompanied me and Mary Henson, the other winner, to the National Science Fair in Los Angeles. Mr. Nichols had no less than eight students over several years who were grand prize winners. He was an extraordinary teacher and man."

Frank Booth shares this story:

"The picture of Jack Nichols brings back a memory from 1961, when he taught me chemistry at HHS. In the spring, each student had to do an individual, innovative chemistry project. I decided upon attempting to show the respective valences of zinc, magnesium, and sodium by how much hydrogen each would displace from HCL. Knowing full well where I was headed, Mr. Nichols encouraged my thinking and helped me set up the experiment.

"Things went fine with the zinc and then the magnesium. Then, it was time for the sodium. He tried to explain to me how dangerous dealing with sodium was, but he allowed me to proceed. When I tried to maneuver the small piece of sodium into the inverted graduated cylinder, the bubbling became so violent that the sodium jumped out of the tube and began to run all around on top of the water in the pneumatic trough, until it stuck to the metal side. It was then Mr. Nichols screamed to the entire chemistry class, "HIT THE DECK!" Everyone took cover just before the explosion. It sounded like a bomb going off as the sodium blew. There were pieces of the glass cylinder and water everywhere! Even the metal pneumatic trough was bent and distorted.

"When my classmates and I cautiously emerged from underneath our lab desks, I thoroughly expected to be in big trouble with Mr. Nichols (and perhaps the Cabell County School Board); but instead Mr. Nichols was laughing so hard. He turned to us bewildered chemistry students and said, 'Well, now Frank Booth and the rest of you have a deep appreciation for the volitility of sodium!'

"What a great teacher!

"I must mention that I also had his wife, Elizabeth, for English that same year. She taught us much about Macbeth, Beowulf, American literature and vocabulary."

Gallery: Do you remember? -- July 9, 2012

Jul. 09, 2012 @ 12:46 PM

On Sunday, Jan. 17, 1909, the first edition of The Herald-Dispatch hit the streets of Huntington.


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While we no longer have very many photos from those early years, we do have a stash of negatives from the 1950s and early 1960s. Our dated, organized negative archives begin in April 1966.

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