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Herald-Dispatch photo archive -

Herald-Dispatch photo archive - Stacy O. Gill, secretary to the Gideon and Birke families from about 1919-1967 (later secretary-treasurer of the Huntington Herald Co., corporate holding entity of The Herald-Dispatch). She was also executive office secretary at the Huntington Publishing Co. when William D. Birke and his widow, Helen Morse Birke, were Chairman of the Board and Mrs. Edward Harvey Long was President. The photo was taken in David Gideon's office over the old Huntington Trust & Savings Bank on 9th Street across the alley from the Cabell County Public Library (the building was more recently Keen's Jewelers. Now, the upper two floors have been remodeled into condos). Thanks to Ken Reffeitt for identifying the photo.

Gallery: Do you remember? -- Jan. 17, 2011

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Dec. 14, 2010

We have a treasure trove of old negatives and photos at The Herald-Dispatch. Some of the images, we know. Others, we have no idea.

We are scanning the negatives and photos and running some of the photos in the newspaper.

These were from a box of 4x5 negatives. "June 1955" is the only information on the box.

Browse through the gallery. If you can add caption information to any of the photos (or correct a caption we already have), e-mail online editor Andrea Copley-Smith at acopley@herald-dispatch.com or call 304-526-2764. Be sure to include the title of the gallery, details of the photo, your name and phone number.