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Herald-Dispatch photo archive -

Marshall University football players received a warm welcome home Nov. 18, 1984, at the Cam Henderson Center. The previous day, the team beat East Tennessee State University, 31-28, at East Tennessee. That game gave the team a 6-5 record — the first winning season in 18 years.

Gallery: Do you remember? -- Marshall beats ETSU in 1984 for first winning season in 18 years

Mar. 28, 2011 @ 12:36 PM

Marshall University football players received a warm welcome home Nov. 18, 1984, at the Cam Henderson Center. The previous day, the team beat East Tennessee State University, 31-28, at East Tennessee. That game gave the team a 6-5 record -- the first winning season in 18 years.


1984 Marshall vs. West Virginia Tech

1982 Marshall vs. Kent State

1983 Green-White Game

From 1966 to 1983, Marshall's football program suffered a dismal streak of losing seasons. The 1983 record was 4-7, its best since 1976. In 1984, Marshall won its two final games on the road against Illinois State and East Tennessee State.

The 1984 coach was Stan Parrish, and team captains were Rob Bowers and Tony Lellie.

We are cracking open the archives from past Marshall University football seasons.

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1984 Marshall University football roster (according to the media guide)

1, Tim Kendrick, QB, Senior, Lakeland, Fla.

2, Jim Marshall, DE, Junior, Cincinnati, Ohio.

3, Jeff Ashmore, FS, Freshman, Cleveland, Ohio.

4, Scott LaTulipe, K, Senior, Woodbridge, Va.

5, Robert Surratt, TB, Senior, Temple Hills, Md.

6, Keith Baxter, DB, Freshman, Miami, Fla.

7, Greg Bell, SS, Junior, Oak Hill, W.Va.

8, Garfield Lewis, CB, Junior, Lexington, Ky.

9, Nick Miller, SS, Sophomore, Coal Grove, Ohio.

10, Carl Fodor, QB, Junior, Weirton, W.Va.

11, Jere Gaeger, FB, Freshman, Huntington.

12, Bob Ulliman, FL, Junior, Cincinnati, Ohio.

13, Kevin Gault, SE, Sophomore, Uhrichsville, Ohio.

14, Jeff McElroy, TE, Sophomore, Lexington, Ky.

15, Joe Detore, QB, Freshman, Mt. Pleasant, Pa.

16, Dan Boring, QB, Freshman, Alliance, Ohio.

17, Ted Carpenter, QB, Senior, Manassas, Va.

18, Scott Allen, SS, Freshman, Miami Beach, Fla.

19, Tim Lewis, TE, Junior, Clarksburg, W.Va.

20, Jeff Plasha, SS, Junior, Oak Hill, W.Va.

22, Brian Swisher, SE, Junior, Friendly, W.Va.

23, Tim Bristow, TE, Sophomore, Randleman, N.C.

24, Billy Hynus, SE, Senior, Huntington.

25, Dermont Smith, TB, Sophomore, Dayton, Ohio.

26, Darryl Burgess, DB, Freshman, Hialeah, Fla.

27, Danny Abercrombie, FL, Junior, Coalwood, W.Va.

28, Mike Copenhaver, SS, Senior, Colliers, W.Va.

29, Jerry Bomar, DB, Freshman, Cincinnati, Ohio.

30, Daryl Deboes, TB, Freshman, Miami, Fla.

31, Don Johnson, FB, Senior, Hamilton, Ohio.

32, Ricky Beals, DB, Freshman, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

33, Dan Koah, FB, Sophomore, Columbus, Ohio.

34, Leon Simms, CB, Senior, Queens, N.Y.

35, Ricardo Belle, SS, Freshman, Miami, Fla.

36, Furess Whittington, CB, Sophomore, Stamford, Conn.

37, Mike Beasley, TB, Freshman, Cincinnati, Ohio.

38, Mark Cerrie, FB, Sophomore, Dunkirk, N.Y.

39, Todd Brown, FS, Sophomore, Martinsburg, W.Va.

40, Greg Cordell, FB, Junior, Winfield, W.Va.

41, Doug Force, SE, Junior, Huntington.

42, Brian Skinner, LB, Junior, Philippi, W.Va.

43, Bill Thompson, TB, Freshman, Louisville, Ky.

44, Randy Clarkson, FB, Junior, Columbus, Ohio.

45, David Clay, DE, Sophomore, Saulsville, W.Va.

46, Eric Griffith, DE, Senior, Tempe, Ariz.

47, Greg Hall, TE, Freshman, Milton, W.Va.

48, Tony Lellie, LB, Senior, Weirton, W.Va.

49, Mike Salmons, DT, Junior, Friendly, W.Va.

50, Bill Salmons, LB, Junior, Kenova, W.Va.

51, Tom McConkey, OT, Senior, Wheeling, W.Va.

52, John Fannin, OL, Freshman, Ceredo, W.Va.

53, Scott Reidel, DE, Freshman, Ceredo, W.Va.

54, Shawn Finnan, DE, Freshman, Lakewood, Ohio.

55, Juan Stout, C, Senior, Lexington, Ky.

56, Mike Birurakis, OG, Junior, Charleston, W.Va.

57, Brian Hussell, DE, Freshman, Ripley, W.Va.

58, Cecil Fletcher, DL, Freshman, Bloomington, Ohio.

59, Bryan Mays, LB, Senior, Wintersville, Ohio.

60, Sam Manos, C, Junior, New Castle, Pa.

61, Jeff Carroll, DE, Sophomore, Cincinnati, Ohio.

62, Jay Gleich, OT, Sophomore, Jackson, Ohio.

63, Eric Morgan, OG, Freshman, Covington, Va.

64, Tony Bolland, DT, Sophomore, Rand, W.Va.

65, Steve Staley, OG, Sophomore, New Cumberland, W.Va.

66, Jamie Huff, C, Sophomore, Chester, W.Va.

67, Jim Sears, OL, Freshman, Fairmont, W.Va.

68, Dan Staggs, OG, Senior, Gallipolis, Ohio.

69, Steve Wendt, OT, Senior, Titusville, Fla.

71, Jeff Borman, NG, Senior, Cincinnati, Ohio.

72, Ray Lamb, OG, Junior, Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

73, J .C. Curry, OT, Senior, West Jefferson, Ohio.

74, Danny Adkins, DT, Junior, East Lynn, W.Va.

75, Norman Strickland, OL, Freshman, Miami, Fla.

76, Steve Stoll, OG, Senior, Cincinnati, Ohio.

77, Rob Bowers, OT, Senior, Milton, W.Va.

78, Ethan Fields, DT, Senior, Coolidge, Ariz.

79, John Cook, DL, Freshman, Harrisburg, Pa.

80, Jeff Shade, TE, Freshman, Magnolia, W.Va.

81, Brad Spouse, WR, Freshman, Chillicothe, Ohio.

82, Tom McClary, CB, Freshman, Obetz, Ohio.

83, Nelson Hutchings, WR, Freshman, Cincinnati, Ohio.

84, Jerome Hazzard, DE, Freshman, Louisville, Ky.

85, Jeff Dubbe, TE, Freshman, Morgantown, W.Va.

86, Darryl Johnson, DE, Sophomore, Louisville, Ky.

87, James Bailey, DT, Sophomore, Beckley, W.Va.

88, Ted Jackson, TE, Senior, Dale City, Va.

89, John Logan, LB, Senior, Lexington, Va.

90, Ken Conway, TE, Senior, Dade City, Fla.

91, Chuck Felty, DT, Junior, Ceredo, W.Va.

92, Marty Palazeti, DE, Senior, Dearborn, Mich.

93, James Wynes, DT, Senior, Talcott, W.Va.

94, Robert Pence, LB, Junior, Bridgeport, W.Va.

95, Roy Sumlin, DE, Freshman, Fairmont, W.Va.

96, Larry Canterbury, DE, Junior, Hurricane, W.Va.

97, Ray Elmandolar, NG, Sophomore, West Orange, N.J.

98, Alan Huff, DT, Senior, Chester, W.Va.

99, John Ceglie, LB, Junior, Follansbee, W.Va.