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Photo courtesy of Lincoln County High School

Children from Hamlin Community School also took part in the show.

Gallery: "Cinderella" at Lincoln County High School

May. 08, 2009 @ 11:35 AM

Hamlin -- Lincoln County High School students performed “Cinderella” April 30 through May 1 with proceeds benefiting the theatre and choral music program.

The cast included Ariel King, Cinderella; Cody Cremeans, Prince Charming; Troy Adkins, king; Julia Clevenger, queen; Haleigh Cooper, stepmother; Molly Hoke, stepsister; Sarahy Hoke, stepsister; Marycait Hoke, fairy godmother; Clay McCallister, Herald; Kyle Garret, steward; Elizabeth Taylor, court tailor; Susie Slone, chef/mother/woman; Steven Hoffman, townsman, footman, jester; Jen Gagnon, guard; Emery Adkins, minister; Neal Smith, clumsy man/man at ball; Jordan Walls, woman at ball; Zoe Murray, woman at ball; Heather Young, sloppy girl; Bonnie King, girl at ball; Lydia Roberts, horse; Emily Cadd, girl/horse; Luke Roberts, boy/horse; Caleb Cook, man; Farrah Chojnacki, girl/horse; Chris Malone, father/man at ball; and Debra Hager, girl at ball.

Children from Hamlin Community School also took part in the show. The show was directed by Paula Nelson and choreographed by Travis Edwards with music by David Cook.