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Cabell 911 seeks fee hike for landlines

Cabell 911
Nov. 08, 2012 @ 11:15 PM

HUNTINGTON — Officials with the Cabell County Emergency Response Center have requested a tariff increase for the 911 fee charged to telephone landlines in the county.

For a residential line, the proposed increase would amount to an extra $1 per month, about a 29 percent increase.

For business customers, the fee would go up $2 a month per phone line, amounting to at least a 44 percent increase and possibly more, depending on the number of land lines the business has.

The response center's director, Mike Davis, and J.R. VanOoteghem, assistant director of technology for Cabell County 911, on Thursday asked the Cabell County Commission for a public hearing to discuss the budgetary need to increase the fee. That is the first step toward a possible fee increase; the county commission has the final say.

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