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Print/E-paper exclusives for Sunday, Feb. 24

Feb. 24, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

Besides the stories you can read at herald-dispatch.com, there are many more stories and features in today's Herald-Dispatch newspaper and e-paper.

CITY WORKS TO REMOVE HURDLES FOR BUSINESS:  It doesn’t take Mayor Steve Williams long to summarize his thoughts when asked about the business licensing and permitting process at Huntington City Hall. “It’s broken,” he said. “Someone who seeks to open a business in Huntington cannot point to any cogent description of the steps they need to take to obtain a license or permits.” Williams said his experience in working for and running large investment brokerage firms for nearly two decades has given him insight into how city government can become a business owner’s partner instead of a bureaucracy that puts up roadblocks. It involves more than reorganizing an application process, he said. Read more about Williams' plans in Sunday's edition of The Herald-Dispatch.

CELEBRATING 30 YEARSM & K Maytag Home Appliance Center in Proctorville is celebrating its 30th year, something the owners are proud to report at a time when big box stores can appear to have the market cornered. Not so for owners Mark and Kim Hupp. Last year, they said they had their most profitable year, and 2013 has started off well. Read more in our weekly Business spotlight.

PERSONNEL: Keep up with the latest hirings across the Tri-State with our weekly Personnel column.

BIZ IN BRIEF: Check out our weekly roundup of regional business wheelings and dealings.

A CLEAN ROOF: There was a time when one added an asphalt roof to their home and didn’t worry about it again for 20 years. Times have changed. Several years back there was a modification in the ingredients in this type of shingle. Now most of these shingles have a limestone additive that attracts algae.  Where algae and mold grow, a discoloration and some disintegration can take place. Learn more in our Sunday Homes section.

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