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Kidnapping, rape suspect gets new attorney

Apr. 30, 2013 @ 10:49 AM

HUNTINGTON — A kidnapping and rape suspect has both a new defense attorney and a trial date in a case from August 2011.

Hubert Allen Porter, 32, sought new counsel Tuesday after a recent breakdown in communication between him and his attorney of more than a year. He faces multiple charges ranging from destruction of property to kidnapping and sexual assault in relation to allegations that he held his estranged wife captive for 20 hours in September 2011.

Cabell Circuit Judge Alfred Ferguson granted Porter’s request and appointed Ray Nolan as his new defense attorney. Trial was postponed until Aug. 13.

The December 2011 indictment charges Porter with three counts burglary, two counts domestic assault, two counts first-degree sexual assault and single counts domestic battery, destruction of property, petit larceny, stalking, kidnapping, malicious wounding and brandishing. A conviction could bring life in prison.

The estranged wife testified in October 2011 saying Porter’s jealousy-fueled anger spurred multiple arguments in their on-again, off-again relationship. It boiled over Sept. 16, 2011, when Porter is charged with dragging her body throughout a home located in Salt Rock, choking her multiple times and blocking a door with a recliner before turning out lights inside the home.

Allegations are Porter then cut off the woman’s clothes with a knife, forced her into a bathtub and forcibly cut her hair amid threats to kill her by drowning. He then treated her swollen eye with frozen food and raped the victim, despite her near inability to move due to her physical injuries, according to the prior testimony.

Cabell County Prosecutor Chris Chiles withdrew an undisclosed plea offer Tuesday, upon learning Porter had considered and rejected the agreement.

Porter has been incarcerated since Oct. 5, 2011.

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