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Print/E-paper exclusives for Thursday, Nov. 22

Nov. 22, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Besides the stories you can read at herald-dispatch.com, there are many more stories and features in today's Herald-Dispatch newspaper and e-paper.

POOLING RESOURCES FOR A GOOD CAUSE: All Laurie Reasons has to do is glance around Lamb’s Gate Market in downtown Huntington to see that people do, in fact, care. The shop was established in just one month, all by volunteers. Read more about the shop, whose proceeds go to help orphans in Nicaragua, on today's front page.

A THANKSGIVING HISTORY LESSON: Thanksgiving ceremonies after harvests are common among many religions and in many countries. After the hard work of raising and preserving crops, people could relax knowing that they were prepared for the coming cold winters. Read more on the Community page.

WEEKEND: Our weekly entertainment section offers much more than what you'll find online. Find movie reviews, check out what's topping the music charts and more with our weekly guide to what's happening.

BRENDA LUCAS: Get the latest community news, announcements, birthdays and more in Brenda Lucas' Community News column.

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