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Print/E-paper exclusives for Sunday, Nov. 25

Nov. 25, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Besides the stories you can read at herald-dispatch.com, there are many more stories and features in today's Herald-Dispatch newspaper and e-paper.

GIVING BACK: Tom Knopp understands need, which is why he still tears up when recounting the story of an elderly woman and a lone roll of toilet tissue. “When we were still located in the basement of First Baptist of Kenova, an elderly woman came in and saw a nine-roll package of toilet tissue and asked if she could have some. I told her, ‘Of course,’ and she proceeded to open the package and take out one roll, a single roll,” said Knopp, volunteer director of the Good Samaritan Center, a food, clothing and necessity pantry located at 1523 Chestnut St. in Kenova. “I told her she could have the whole package, and she said she couldn’t take it because there were others whose need was greater than hers. That story has always stuck with me.” Read more about Knopp and the center on today's front page.

JACK OF ALL TRADES: Scott Hutchison has his hand in too many businesses to list, but they include Ice House America, Five Star Car Wash and other car washes, property development such as Island Estates, Express Automotive auto service, and Express Used Cars, which does financing on used cars for consumers who don’t want to worry about getting a loan. Read more about this Huntington entrepreneur in our Sunday Business spotlight.

PERSONNEL: Keep up with the latest hirings across the Tri-State with our weekly Personnel column.

BIZ IN BRIEF: Check out our weekly roundup of regional business wheelings and dealings.

TRI-STATE HISTORY: It was Thanksgiving Eve, 1952. Most of the community was in a festive mood, already relaxing and looking forward to the next day’s holiday. Then, shortly after 7 p.m., the bells started ringing at the Huntington Fire Department’s old Alarm Headquarters on 9th Street. The automated alarm system indicated a fire at the Huntington State Hospital on Norway Avenue. No one knew it in those first hectic minutes, but the alarm triggered what would be one of the most horrific chapters in Huntington’s history. Read more on our Community page.

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS: Our Sunday Life section is filled with the types of community announcements that keep the newspaper connected to you, including birth announcements, wedding, engagement and anniversary announcements, upcoming reunions, group meetings and more.

GRACE AND PANACHE: Alicia and Andy Mullins have only lived in their Staunton Avenue home since May of this year but already they have made it their own. Read more about these enthusiastic homeowners in our Sunday Homes section. Also in the section every week is a look at trends in home decorating, tips and tricks from home decor and repair specialists, and more.

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