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Jul. 15, 2013 @ 12:15 AM

Here are restaurant inspections recently performed by the Cabell-Huntington Health Department. The list is sorted by critical violations. The restaurant is listed first, followed by its address, the noncritical violations, the critical violations and any remarks. View a searchable database at www.herald-dispatch.com.


Stats Sports Bar, 6349 U.S. 60, Barboursville, July 3, 1, 2, Inside of ice machine is dirty; item was cleaned. Faucet is in poor repair on hand sink at bar area. Items are being stored on floor and in walk-in.

Honey Baked Ham Co., 4341 U.S. 60, Huntington, July 1, 2, 1, Foot valve on hand sink is leaking around the corner of wall. Men's hand sink faucet is not working on cold water side. Bare wood shelving in back storage room is not easily cleanable.

Knuckles Sandwich Co., 409 11th St., Huntington, July 3, 2, 1, Turkey in prep cooler at 46 degrees; discarded. Door closure missing from restroom door. Toilet seat loose.

Tudor's Biscuits & Burgers, 4300 U.S. 60, Huntington, July 2, 0, 1, Gravy is 117 degrees in hot holding; item needs to be 135 degrees. Was reheated.

Jimmy John's, 1418 4th Ave., Huntington, July 2, 0, 1, Chlorine in sanitizer bottle greater than 200 ppm; water changed with chlorine 50-100.

Heartbeat Cafe, 2900 1st Ave., Huntington, July 3, 0, 1, Prep cooler chicken at 46 degrees vs 41 degrees or below; chicken discarded.


Guyan Estates Pool Concession Stand, 254 Bartow Drive, Barboursville, July 2, 3, 0, Items are stored on floor. A test kit for chlorine bleach sanitizer is not available. Light bulbs are not shielded above sink.

River Cafe, 800 3rd Ave., Huntington, July 3, 3, 0, Thermometers needed in cooler with eggs, prep cooler, cooler in waitress station, large white cooler and small cooler in dining area. Door gasket on freezer is dirty. Dumpster is open; closed.

Smokin' Sam's No. 5, 536 4th Ave., Huntington, July 3, 3, 0, Microwave oven is dirty. Wall is in poor repair near microwave oven. Bottoms of door frames of walk-in cooler are dirty.

Redmen Bingo, 1759 Adams Ave., Huntington, July 2, 2, 0, Door gaskets of large freezer and large cooler are dirty. Partitions at urinal are in poor repair; not easily cleanable.

Gimme 5, 5170 U.S. 60, Huntington, July 3, 2, 0, Items in fridge are not dated. Inside prep cooler door gaskets are dirty.

Taco Bell, 3560 U.S. 60, Barboursville, July 1, 1, 0, Door gasket of walk-in cooler is dirty.

Cheaper Cigs No. 4, 546 4th Ave., Huntington, July 3, 1, 0, Door and door gasket on walk-in cooler and door slides on all coolers are dirty.

Little Caesar's Pizza, 5258 U.S. 60, Huntington, July 3, 1, 0, Flooring is dirty around hot water tank; floor was cleaned.


Walmart Supercenter No. 2244 (Produce), 3333 U.S. 60, Huntington, July 1, 0, 0.

Family Dollar No. 2189, 850 W. 14th St., Huntington, July 2, 0, 0.

Prestera Center CRU, 3375 U.S. 60, Huntington, July 2, 0, 0.

Espresso Mojo, 2900 1st Ave., Huntington, July 3, 0, 0.