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Cabell restaurant inspections

Apr. 22, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

Here are restaurant inspections recently performed by the Cabell-Huntington Health Department. The list is sorted by critical violations. The restaurant is listed first, followed by its address, the noncritical violations, the critical violations and any remarks. View a searchable database at www.herald-dispatch.com. Click on News, then Data Library, then Restaurant Inspections.


Jewel City Seafood, 1317 4th Ave., Huntington, April 12, 0, 3, Caulking on employee hand sink soiled. Hand washing sign missing in ladies' room. Men's room sink caulking pulled away from wall, toilet seats loose in restrooms.

Los Mariachis, 6007 U.S. 60, Suite 100, Barboursville, April 9, 4, 2, Cheese cutter is dirty; item was cleaned. Can opener blade is dirty; item was washed. Prep cooler door gaskets are unclean; item was cleaned. Hallway leading out to the garbage area is unclean; item was cleaned. Women's restroom has no covered trash can; cover was added. Floor in back prep area is unclean.

China One, 6007 U.S. 60, Suite 106, Barboursville, April 9, 2, 2, Food items are stored in unapproved containers after opening; items need moved to food-safe containers. Coke cooler is 48 degrees; items were thrown out. Scoops in the flour, sugar, cornstarch all need to have a handle. Coke cooler is not cooling properly; will return in 10 days to check temperature.

Strike Zone Bowling Center, 141 Eastern Heights Shopping Center, Huntington, April 10, 0, 2, Filters in hood system are unclean. Inside of ice machine is dirty.

Lady Godiva's, 3663 U.S. 60, Barboursville, April 8, 3, 1, Microwave is dirty. No chlorine test trips on site. Ceiling in men's room in poor repair. Beer bottles stored in ice that is being used for drinks; items moved.

Tri-State Fire School, 4200 Ohio River Road, Huntington, April 8, 2, 1, Cleaning agents on shelf over paper products; paper products moved to a safe location. Dumpster surface gravel vs. asphalt or concrete. Dumpster lids damaged.

Max & Erma's, 26 Pullman Square, Suite 223, Huntington, April 9, 2, 1, Chicken noodle soup is 124 degrees; thrown out. One filter is missing from range hood. Lid of cookie freezer is in poor repair, not easily cleanable.

Burger King, 3210 Washington Blvd., Huntington, April 10, 2, 1, Inside of ice machine chutes are dirty; item was cleaned. Bottom inside of warming unit is unclean; item was cleaned. Flooring in back room and around door area is unclean; item was cleaned.

Francois Pastry Shop, 817 8th St., Huntington, April 5, 0, 1, Repeat observation: There is a kitty litter box near the stove. Cat is in kitchen.

Crossroads Giovanni's, 863 Norway Ave., Huntington, April 10, 0, 1, Three-bowl sink drain line is leaking; owner is replacing sink.

El Ranchito, 1325 Hal Greer Blvd., Huntington, April 12, 0, 1, Rice hot holding at 121 degrees vs. 135 degrees.


Sam's Hotdog Stand, 2885 5th Ave., Huntington, April 8, 6, 0, Cup left in container of sugar. Restroom trash container without lid. Restroom door closure broken. No paper towels at employee hand sink. Toilet seat loose and hand sink caulking has gaps. Wet mop stored in bucket; mop positioned to air dry.

Big Sandy Superstore Arena, 1 Civic Center Plaza, Huntington, April 5, 2, 0, Boxes of food are on floor in the walk-in freezer; put on shelf. Light is out in walk-in freezer.

Stogies Inc., 3477 U.S. 60, Huntington, April 10, 2, 0, Popcorn scoop needs a holder. Repeat observation: Chlorine test strips are needed.

The Stadium, 1441 4th Ave., Huntington, April 11, 2, 0, No test strips for quats. No hand washing signs.

Huntington Foodfair, 115 6th Ave., Huntington, April 5, 1, 0, Two thermometers in egg and lunch meat cooler are inaccurate.

Rich Oil No. 3968, 201 Bridge St., Huntington, April 8, 1, 0, Restroom sink caulking pulled away from wall.

Mike's Market, 3310 Riverside Drive, Huntington, April 8, 1, 0, Trash barrel at front of store without lid.

Wonderful Restaurant, 1415 4th Ave., Huntington, April 9, 1, 0, No hand washing signs.

Trinity Church of God, 2688 3rd Ave., Huntington, April 9, 1, 0, Restroom sink caulking pulled away from wall.

Wendy's No. 3, 3080 16th Street Road, Huntington, April 11, 1, 0, Trash container in one stall in the ladies' room without lid.


The Pig LLC, 812 10th St., Huntington, April 9, 0, 0.

Little Caesar's Pizza, 2889 5th Ave., Huntington, April 9, 0, 0.

Nawlins Street No. 1, 6106 U.S. 60, Barboursville, April 9, 0, 0.

Sweet Confections, 6007 U.S. 60, Suite 314 E, Barboursville, April 9, 0, 0.

Edible Arrangements, 16 Pullman Square, Huntington, April 9, 0, 0.

Cold Stone Creamery, 10 Pullman Square, Huntington, April 10, 0, 0.