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Cabell Restaurant Inspections

Sep. 09, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

Here are restaurant inspections recently performed by the Cabell-Huntington Health Department. The list is sorted by critical violations. The restaurant is listed first, followed by its address, the noncritical violations, the critical violations and any remarks. View a searchable database at www.herald-dispatch.com.


Fazoli's No. 5072, 5120 U.S. 60, Huntington, July 31, 9, 7, Food worker is using the cup to scoop the ice out of ice bin; scoop was given. Utensils are being stored for breadsticks under dirty equipment; items were moved. Prep cooler is 49 degrees; all items need to be 41 degrees; items thrown away. Pasta noodles at cold holding are 48 degrees, items needs to be 41 degrees; items thrown away. Pizza that is in holding is not being timed to account for allowing it to sit out at room temperature; time sticker was added to show time as a public health control. Roach found behind hot holding table. Chemicals are being stored by food items; items moved. Ice scoop is not stored properly; container was given. Items are being stored on the floor in back storage. Prep cooler at front line door gaskets are unclean. No test strips on-site for testing sanitizer for dishwasher or sanitize for three-bowl. Chlorine test strips needed for dishwasher and quat test strips needed for three-bowl. Small prep cooler is not cooling food properly. Racks that hold the breadsticks in cold holding are unclean. Cabinet near pop station underneath is unclean. Outside garbage area in unclean. Clean up all items around it and include removal of the brush around its fencing. Floor is dirty around pasta station and around bags of soda.

Mariachis, 4341 U.S. 60, Huntington, Aug. 22, 7, 5, Dishwasher was not washing hands in between going from dirty items to putting away clean items. Food worker is not wearing gloves while cutting lettuce. Raw shell eggs are being stored next to produce. Inside of ice machine is unclean. Cheese grinder is unclean. Food workers have no hair restraint. Utensils that are being stored in flour and sugar and spices need a handle. Many items are being stored in floor in back storage and in walk-in cooler. Items need to be at least six feet off the floor. Food items in storage must be labeled to identify what item is as well as a date on item. Faucet on mop sink is in poor repair. Drain line on sprayer sink is in poor repair. Garbage area is unclean.

Jug & Kilt, 5636 U.S. 60, Huntington, Aug. 22, 4, 5, Dishwasher is not washing dishes in between going from dirty dishes to clean dishes. Raw shell eggs are being stored above other items in storage in walk-in cooler. Egg wash was 65 degrees. Must be 41 degrees or less to prevent growth of bacteria; item was thrown away. Stew is 123 degrees in hot holding; item must maintain 135 degrees or higher in holding. French fry sink is not air gapped to prevent backflow. Scoops in flour, sugar do not have handles that keep them from becoming buried. Wiping cloths need to be stored in sanitizer when not in use. Back storage door needs a new seal on bottom to make door rodent proof. Molding is missing in hallway.

Uno Chicago Grill, 279 9th St., Huntington, July 30, 1, 3, Can opener is dirty; cleaned. Thermometers needed in two prep coolers.

Los Mariachis, 6007 U.S. 60, Barboursville, Aug. 21, 6, 2, Chicken is 70 degrees in prep cooler. It was stored in a way it could not stay cold; item thrown away. Cheese grater is unclean in back storage room; item was cleaned. Food worker does not have a hair restraint; hair net given. Food items being stored on floor. Chicken is thawing incorrectly. Item must be thawed under running water at 70 degrees or in microwave, or cook item while frozen or may thaw under refrigeration. Men's urinal is not flushing properly. Floor is unclean around fryer. Floor is dirty in back prep room; item was cleaned.

Roosters, 20 Pullman Square Suite 310, Huntington, Aug. 15, 1, 2, Containers of food in the freezer must be covered; covered. Can opener is dirty; cleaned. Thermometers are needed in the undercounter coolers.

Super China Buffet, 200 Mall Road Barboursville, Aug. 23, 0, 2, Crab salad in cold bar being cold held at 53 degrees; food discarded. The sanitizer concentration for chlorine in the dishwasher is at 0ppm. Line is clogged.

Nawab Indian Cuisine, 600 4th Ave., Huntington, Aug. 16, 6, 1, Containers of food in walk-in cooler must be covered; covered. Ice scoop is in the ice; removed. A stem thermometer is needed in the kitchen. Thermometer needed in Pepsi cooler containing food. One kitchen hand sink is not usable (a new one has been ordered). Walls are dirty in kitchen.

Big Lots No. 172, 101 Eastern Heights, Huntington, Aug. 22, 4, 1, Some cans are too damaged to sell; items put aside for return. Soda is being stored on floor in back storage area. Women's restroom toilet is in poor repair. Outside garbage area is unclean. No paper towels at back hand sink in back hallway.

Dollar General No. 8887, 4341 U.S. 60, Huntington, Aug. 22, 4, 1, Several cans are damaged that are being sold to public. Items are stored in floor in back storage area. All items must be at least six feet above floor. Glass on freezer is unclean. Back door has a crack on bottom seam of door. Seal the door so item is pest proof. Men's toilet is in poor repair.