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Print/E-paper exclusives for Sunday, May 5

May. 12, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

Besides the stories you can read at herald-dispatch.com, there are many more stories and features in today's Herald-Dispatch newspaper and e-paper.

ELECTRICAL SKILLS IN DEMAND:  John O’Connor has worked four years at Steel of West Virginia as vice president of administration, and in that time, not a day has gone by when the steel plant hasn’t been in need of more industrial electricians and millwrights. The shortage of highly skilled workers to keep the machines — and the computers running the machines — working as they should is a challenge here in the Tri-State, at plants such as Steel of West Virginia, Braskem and others, and it’s a challenge everywhere. Read more in today's edition of The Herald-DIspatch.

BRASKEM AMERICA:  Automotive dash boards, diapers, caps on milk jugs, haz-mat suits, carpet backing, eyeglass frames — even medical equipment used in heart surgeries. All have polypropylene materials produced right in Wayne County and shipped to manufacturers throughout the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Read more in our Sunday Business spotlight.

PERSONNEL: Keep up with the latest hirings across the Tri-State with our weekly Personnel column.

BIZ IN BRIEF: Check out our weekly roundup of regional business wheelings and dealings.

CELEBRATIONS, UPCOMING EVENTS AND THE SUNDAY CROSSWORD: The Herald-DIspatch is still the place to turn to get the latest wedding and engagement announcements, birth announcements, upcoming community events, and — yes — the all-important Sunday crossword. Pick up a copy of The Herald-Dispatch every Sunday to enjoy these local tidbits.

JAPANESE GARDENS: If a person is interested in a Japanese garden they need to have certain elements such as trees indigenous to Japan, a water feature, a pathway, decorations, furniture and a bridge. It has taken Huntington resident Dorothy McGinnis 56 years but she has achieved all those things in her side yard. Read about how Dorothy has achieved the garden she wanted on our Homes page.

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