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Heroin seized from bus passenger

May. 08, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

HUNTINGTON -- A federal indictment returned last week implicates a 19-year-old in charges that he carried heroin to Huntington aboard a Greyhound bus.

Jalin Tyref McArn, 19, of Detroit faces a single count of possessing heroin with an intent to distribute. The charge is related to an April 24 incident in the Huntington area.

The date coincides with an early morning arrest during which undercover agents picked up McArn at Huntington's downtown bus station and drove him to an area hotel. A undisclosed source unknowingly tipped off a local agent to McArn's arrival. The tip indicated McArn would arrive with a quantity of heroin via Greyhound bus and would need a ride to the local hotel, according to a criminal complaint filed earlier in the case.

The undercover agents spotted McArn exit the bus with a suitcase. They confirmed McArn's identity and welcomed him into their undercover vehicle. During the subsequent ride, McArn told the agents he had heroin and promised they would receive two packages for picking him up at the bus station, the complaint states.

McArn was arrested without incident upon arriving at the hotel's parking lot. Agents seized 15 grams of heroin hidden in his pants, according to the complaint. He awaits trial at the Carter County Detention Center.

Two indicted in heroin case

Dejuan R. Eubanks, 35, and Gary D. Easterling, 44, are named in a four-count indictment. Both men are charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin and two counts of aiding and abetting each other in its distribution.

Eubanks also faces an individual count heroin distribution, stemming from a Feb. 6 incident.

The conspiracy occurred from Feb. 1 to March 8 in the Huntington area. Those dates coincide with the counts of aiding and abetting.

Authorities located both men as they executed a search warrant March 8 in Huntington's 1400 block of 6th Avenue. It revealed approximately 70 grams of heroin and $3,200 cash, according to documents filed with the warrant.

Eubanks told police the apartment was a "stash house" for heroin, according to a criminal complaint filed earlier in the case. It further charges Eubanks admitted to having traveled from Detroit to Huntington to sell heroin to users in the area.

Easterling, also known as "Gary Smith," told authorities the apartment was rented with a fictitious name. An account showed he had paid rent for the residence, the complaints state.

Both men are awaiting trial at the Carter County Detention Center.

Man faces heroin and gun charges

Obadiah Pacely, 45, faces a three-count indictment charging him with heroin distribution and two counts of being a convicted felon in possession of firearms.

The heroin charge stems from a Feb. 25 incident. A criminal complaint, filed earlier in the case, alleges Pacely sold heroin to a confidential informant for $100 at his residence in the 900 block of 9th Street West.

The indictment charges Pacely possessed a .380-caliber pistol and a .25-caliber pistol on the same date, along with a .22-caliber revolver and a .22-caliber rifle. He had been prohibited from possessing any firearm due to a November 1987 drug conviction in Michigan and a January 2001 grand theft auto conviction in northern Ohio.

Pacely awaits trial at the Carter County Detention Center.