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2012 Marshall graduates from the Huntington metro area

Mar. 11, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

The following students graduated from Marshall University between July and December 2012 from the Huntington Metropolitan area:

Samir Ali Abdel-Aziz, master of arts; Joshua William Adams, master of science; Anna Elizabeth Adkins, bachelor of business administration; John Nicholas Adkins, bachelor of arts; Maria Aiello, master of arts; Caitlin Riley Alford, bachelor of arts; Hannah Abdulaziz Al-Omair, master of science; Zahra Mohammed Alqahtani, master of science; Saad Abdulaziz Alqarzaie, bachelor of business administration; Hend A. Alsulaiman, master of arts; Mohamed Wessim Amara, master of science; Audrey Leigh Ammon, bachelor of arts; Lauren Angel, master of arts; Devin La-Mar Arrington, bachelor of arts; Michael Shane Arrington, bachelor of arts, magna cum laude; John D. Baker, regents bachelor of arts; Emma Anastasia Ball, bachelor of fine arts, cum laude; Jennifer Lynn Ball, bachelor of business administration, magna cum laude; Jared Ryan Barker, master of science; Jaime Lynn Bedford, regents bachelor of arts; Karen Elizabeth Bill, bachelor of business administration; Holly Pennington Bond Farrell, master of arts; Annabelle Brooke Bramwell, bachelor of business administration, magna cum laude; James Michael Brown, doctor of philosophy in biomedical sciences; Bethany Michelle Brownfield, master of arts in teaching; Matthew Levi Brumbaugh, bachelor of fine arts, cum laude; Cortney Ann Bryan, associate in nursing; Jennifer Lauren Burgess, regents bachelor of arts; Jessica Rose Burns, bachelor of arts; Tyler Ross Burns, master of arts;

David Adam Caldwell, bachelor of business administration, cum laude; Rodrigo Xavier De Camargo, master of science; Thaisa Silva Nunes De Camargo, master of science; Robyn L Camden, bachelor of arts; Erin Taylor Carey, master of science; Erik Spotts Carr, bachelor of business administration; Erin Whitney Chaffin, master of arts; James Allan Chamberlain, bachelor of arts; Wael Chamli, master of science; Jacqoui K Chandler, bachelor of arts, cum laude; Kelsey Michaela Chapman, master of arts; Jean Marie Chappell, doctor of education; Vincent Palmer Cheeks, bachelor of arts; Deanna Jean Cheetham, regents bachelor of arts, cum laude; Lawrence Paul Chevalier, doctor of psychology; Carl William Chinn, master of arts; John Finnegan Chirico, master of arts; Abhijit Vilas Chopade, master of science; Candace Elaine Clark, regents bachelor of arts; Bruce Edward Clay, doctor of psychology; Elizabeth Helen Coffey, regents bachelor of arts; Lakisha Nalani Collier, associate in nursing; Cody Wayne Collins, bachelor of arts, magna cum laude; Bridget Marie Cooper, bachelor of arts; Kelli Marie Crabtree, master of arts; William F. Cragg, bachelor of arts; Autumn Marie Crank, bachelor of arts; Robert Whitney Crank, bachelor of arts; Craig Joseph Crawford, bachelor of arts; Penny Cremeans, bachelor of business administration; Susan Kay Crum, regents bachelor of arts;

Christopher Luke Damron, bachelor of science, magna cum laude; Kati Marie Davenport, bachelor of social work; Sarah Nicole Davenport, bachelor of arts; Angela Denise Davis, bachelor of social work; Brittany Caroline Davis, master of arts; Keri Kristin Davis, master of arts; Mark C. Deal, master of science; William Timothy Denney, bachelor of arts, cum laude; David A Dick, master of arts in teaching; Kristen Leanne Dingess, regents bachelor of arts; Samuel Caleb Dolen, regents bachelor of arts; Cynthia Lee Dorsey, bachelor of business administration; Sashia Ann Dorsey, bachelor of arts, cum laude; Thomas Earl Dunn, bachelor of arts; Chelsi Joyan Duty, associate in nursing; Lauren S. Edwards, master of arts; Meher Mohamed El Mir, master of science; Kristy Lynn Ellison, doctor of psychology; Lorraine Kaye Emory, bachelor of science nursing; Candice Dawn Estep, master of science; Jordan Patric Fannin, regents bachelor of arts; Michael A. Farley, bachelor of business administration, cum laude; Adam Blake Feazell, master of arts; Jesus Fernandez, bachelor of business administration; Daniel Ferreira, bachelor of fine arts, magna cum laude; Amelia C. Ferrell, master of arts; Shauna Renee Fields, master of arts; Christopher John Finlay, master of science; Christopher John Finlay, certificate program; Natalie Laurann Fischer, bachelor of arts; Stephanie Christine Fisher, master of arts; Elisabeth Shavonne Fitzpatrick, regents bachelor of arts; Thomas William Fortner, master of science; Andrea Dyer Fowler, regents bachelor of arts; Talisha Jordan Franklin, associate in nursing; Cynthia M. Fuller, regents bachelor of arts;

Kelli Elizabeth Gagnon, bachelor of science; Christa Marie Galvin, bachelor of arts; William Zachary Garrett, master of science; Henok M. Gebrehiwot, certificate program; Tigist Tadege Gebremedhin, associate in applied science; Angela Marie Gerwig, regents bachelor of arts; Cornelius L. Godfrey, bachelor of science; Heath Dustin Goff, bachelor of science; Mohamed Mourad Gueddiche, master of science; Haozhi Guo, bachelor of business administration; Deepika Gupta, master of business administration; Derek Clayton Hager, regents bachelor of arts; Derek Jamison Hagler, bachelor of arts; Tina Linn Hall, bachelor of business administration; Scott Lee Hamlin, bachelor of arts; Brandy Suellen Hardin, bachelor of social work; Richard Dale Hardy, master of business administration; Jarrod C. Harman, bachelor of science; Kellen Denitri Harris, master of science; Heather Renee Hawes, master of arts; Lauren Ashley Hays, bachelor of science in engineering; Melainie Kay Heaberlin, associate in nursing; Kayla Marie Ann Henson, bachelor of arts; Brandon T. Hibner, certificate program; Erin Michelle Hickok, bachelor of science; Aaron Michael Hill, master of science; Elizabeth C. Hiner, bachelor of arts; Huyen Thu Hoang, master of science; James Chase Holliday, regents bachelor of arts; Thomas Woodson Horton, bachelor of arts; Jeffrey Alan Howard, master of science; Christopher Lee Hughart, regents bachelor of arts; Faisal Khaleeque Hussain, master of science; Catherine Caroline Hutchinson, bachelor of arts, magna cum laude; Austin T. Imes, bachelor of arts;

Cory D. Jackson, certificate program; Duane Jackson, master of business administration; Rashad Denarvis Jackson, bachelor of business administration; Anthony James Javorsky, regents bachelor of arts; Fei Jin, master of science; Sarah Elizabeth Johnson, bachelor of science, magna cum laude; Ezgi Karakus, master of arts; Jeremy Paul Kendzierski, certificate program; Jeremy Paul Kendzierski, master of science; Anna Frances Kimmey, bachelor of business administration, cum laude; Sylvia Jane Kimmey, bachelor of business administration, cum laude; James H. Kirk, master of business administration; Eszter Kiss, master of arts; Daniel P. Kissel, bachelor of science; Jessica Jo Kitchen, associate in applied science; Jenifer Angela Vivian F Kitts, bachelor of social work; Jacquelyn Marie Klingshirn, master of arts in teaching; Ayaka Komori, master of arts; Andrea N. Koutsunis, master of arts; Lea M. Larch, bachelor of arts; Stacy Brian Lewis, master of science; Yang Li, master of business administration; Adam Matthew Littlehales, bachelor of arts;

Benjamin Andrew Lockhart, associate in nursing; Davota Colette Lowe, bachelor of arts; Meredith Ann Lydick, bachelor of arts; Tally Elizabeth Mainland, master of arts in teaching; David Victor Mandich, master of arts; Michael Eric Maniskas, master of arts; James I. Manns, bachelor of science; Aileen Joyce Marcelo, doctor of philosophy in biomedical sciences; Robert Ashby Martin, master of arts; Jacob Shane Mathis, bachelor of science; Mark Allen Mathley, regents bachelor of arts; Justin Samuel Maynard, master of science; Sarah Marie McConnell, master of arts; Patrick Rodney Riley McCormick, regents bachelor of arts; Brittany Nicole McCown, associate in nursing, associate honors; Amy Grace McCulloch, bachelor of arts; Christina D. Meade, bachelor of arts, cum laude; Jimmie Austin Meadows, regents bachelor of arts; Sarah Elizabeth Mease, master of science; Basma Rehan Memon, master of science; Lucas Daniel Miller, bachelor of fine arts; Melanie Person Miller, associate in nursing; Michael Bryant Mills, bachelor of science; Chad Marshall Minnick, regents bachelor of arts; Michelle Dianne Moening, certificate program; Michelle Dianne Moening, master of science; Lisa Michele Monteville, regents bachelor of arts; Chai Weston Moore, master of science; Harrison William Moore, bachelor of science; William Alan Murphy, master of arts; Ashley R. Nance, master of science; Shawnell Ann Napier, bachelor of arts; Cheree Elizabeth Neal, associate in nursing, associate honors; Julian Weiland Neal, bachelor of business administration; Nam Hoai Nguyen, master of science; Son Thanh Nguyen, master of science; Lina Niu, master of science; Dustin Neil Noble, master of business administration; Jasmine N. Norwood, bachelor of arts; Daniel Ray Nottingham, bachelor of arts;

Kayla Nicole O'Connor, bachelor of arts; Beverly O'Dell, bachelor of social work, cum laude; Rhonda Kay O'Neal, certificate program; William Benton Osborne, master of science; Jodi Erin Parker, master of science; Michael Brandon Patrick, master of science; Amanda Nicole Payne, certificate program; Amanda Nicole Payne, master of science; Nathaniel Gabriel Perdomo, bachelor of arts; Devin Keith Perkins, bachelor of arts; Jonathan Stanley Perry, bachelor of business administration; Nicholas Victor Perry, bachelor of business administration; Patricia Janelle Perry, master of science; Sheena Mari Perry, regents bachelor of arts; Hang Nguyet Xuan Phan, master of business administration; Celia Nicole Pine, bachelor of business administration; Julie E. Powell, bachelor of arts, summa cum laude; Elizabeth Anna Price, bachelor of arts; Michael Scott Ray, bachelor of arts, magna cum laude; Stephen Thomas Reed, regents bachelor of arts; Melissa Renae Reeves, regents bachelor of arts; Andrew Alan Rigney, bachelor of science, cum laude; Christie Linnette Robinson, associate in applied science; Brittany Kosky Rose, master of arts; Jacob Paschall Ross, bachelor of social work; Justin Arthur Ross, master of science; Kimberly Kaye Roy, bachelor of arts, summa cum laude; Michelle Lynn Runyon, bachelor of social work, cum laude;

Alyssa Rae Salyers, bachelor of arts; Aparna Sarkar, master of arts; Kevin Ramone Saunders, bachelor of business administration, cum laude; Donald Ray Savage, bachelor of business administration, magna cum laude; Traci Marie Schauer, associate in applied science; Peter M. Schurman, regents bachelor of arts; Demetrius Howard Scott, bachelor of arts; Emily Sue Seibert, regents bachelor of arts; Tyler James Sharp, regents bachelor of arts, cum laude; Steven Richard Shaw, bachelor of arts; Leila Nicole Shepherd, associate in nursing; Emily Suzanne Sigman, bachelor of business administration; Thomas Aaron Sims, regents bachelor of arts; Jason Mark Singer, master of business administration; Heather Kay Smith, associate in nursing, associate honors; Jaimee Allyn Smith, bachelor of arts, cum laude; Mark Allen Smith, regents bachelor of arts; Frederick Randolph Snyder, master of arts; Kyle Fletcher Sowards, bachelor of business administration; Nathaniel Thomas Stark, master of business administration; J'nelle Alainna Stephenson, master of arts; Elizabeth Fay Stewart, bachelor of arts; Elizabeth Gail Stinnett, master of arts; Michael Shawn Stinnett, master of arts; Trevor Bartlett Stone, bachelor of science, summa cum laude; Heather Nicole Streets, bachelor of science nursing; Mary

Frances Taylor, bachelor of business administration; Rebecca Marie Thomas, bachelor of business administration; Shyra M. Thompson, regents bachelor of arts; Natalie Marie Thorpe, master of science; Travis Allen Townsend, bachelor of business administration; Phuong Thi Thu Tran, master of business administration; John E. Trippe, bachelor of arts; Aniekan Daniel Udoh, master of science; Jeremias Dorea VanGilder, bachelor of science, cum laude; Andrew Steven Varney, master of business administration;

Harley Derek Walden, certificate program; Xiaofei Wang, master of business administration; Yunlu Wang, bachelor of business administration; Martin LeVar Ward, regents bachelor of arts; Jane Harvey Wasserman, master of science; Laura Elizabeth Watson, bachelor of science; Rachel A Watson, bachelor of science, magna cum laude; Jessica Ann Watzek, regents bachelor of arts; Loren C. Wells, certificate program; Loren C. Wells, master of science; Lauren Ashley West, bachelor of business administration; Amanda Ann Westbrook, bachelor of science; Elizabeth Anne Whanger, bachelor of arts; Melonie Marchelle Wilcox, bachelor of business administration; Edward Herman Williams, bachelor of business administration; Antavius Jaheen Wilson, bachelor of business administration; Erica Danielle Wilson, master of arts; Taylor Rene' Wilson, bachelor of arts; Thomas Patrick Wilson, regents bachelor of arts; Zachary James Wilson, bachelor of arts; Matthew Thomas Withers, master of science; Jami Nicole Wolfe, associate in nursing; Erica Lauren Woods, bachelor of arts; Mengya Xing, bachelor of business administration; Fan Yang, certificate program; Yufeng Yang, master of science; Chenchen Ye, bachelor of business administration; Cameron Renee' Yoho, bachelor of science, magna cum laude; Kendall Leigh York, regents bachelor of arts; Xiaoran Zhang, bachelor of business administration; Lu Yi Zhao, master of science.