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Marshall grad students hooded in Charleston ceremony

Jan. 14, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

CHARLESTON -- Master's and doctoral level Marshall University students who took classes on the South Charleston campus were hooded in a special ceremony in December.

More than 160 students were eligible to be hooded during the ceremony, which was at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Charleston.

The students included:

Within the Graduate School of Education and Professional Development: Twelve students earned master's degrees in Adult and Technical Education, including Kristy Michele Abel, Interdisciplinary Studies; Zahra Mohammed Alqahtani, Training and Development; Jared Barker, Adult Education; Serena M. Burdette, Career and Technical Education; Julie Hagan, Adult Education; Aaron M. Hill, Interdisciplinary Studies; Melanie Hough, Career and Technical Education; Joshua Robertson, Training and Development; Joy Michele Robinson, Adult Education; Alma Rodriquez, Training and Development; Amy Saxton, Training and Development; and Mona Lisa Templeton, Career and Technical Education.

Thirty-three students earned master's degrees in Counseling, including Maria Aiello, Mental Health Counseling; Marion L. Anderson, Mental Health Counseling; Tammy Lynn Angle, Mental Health Counseling; Jennifer G. Bird, School Counseling; Jennifer Brooke Bogar, Mental Health Counseling; Tyler Ross Burns, Mental Health Counseling; Erin Chaffin, School Counseling; Noelle R. Chafin, School Counseling; Carl Chinn, Mental Health Counseling, James E. Clark, II, School Counseling; Keith Cole, Mental Health Counseling; Kelly Marie Crabtree, Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling; Lucy Cruickshanks, Correctional Counseling; Brittany Davis, Mental Health Counseling; Danielle Ford, Mental Health Counseling; Samantha Fox, School Counseling; Stephen Givens, Mental Health Counseling; Guidon Stephen Grundlehner, School Counseling; Scott Johnson, School Counseling; Sarah Jordan, Mental Health Counseling; Estzer Kiss, Mental Health Counseling; Andrea Koutsunis, Mental Health Counseling; Latisha June Marcum, School Counseling; Katrina Matney, Mental Health Counseling; Susan Merrill, Mental Health Counseling; Alana Reveal, Correctional Counseling; Brittany Rose, School Counseling; Holly Sanders, School Counseling; Toni Renee Sayre, School Counseling; Mary Jo Selbe, Mental Health Counseling; Amanda Shrewsbury, School Counseling; Ben H. Smith, Mental Health Counseling; and Erica D. Wilson, School Counseling.

Two students earned master's degrees in Early Childhood Education, including Connie L. Bowers and Kristi M. French.

Thirteen students earned their master's degrees in Elementary Education, including Samantha J. Dolson, Early Childhood Education; Donna Marie Ferguson, Math through Algebra I; Rhonda Renee France, Math through Algebra I; Briana Friend, Individual Plan of Study; Beth Graves, School Library Media; Danielle S. Lee, Middle Childhood Education; Angela Mellace, Lindsay Paxton, Individual Plan of Study; Cassandra K. Richardson, Leah Elise White, Brandi L. Wilson, Math through Algebra I; Bryan Wilson, and Marcella Charlotte Wright.

Twenty-six students earned a master's degree in Leadership Studies, including Tammy Brown, Principalship; Douglas C. Cipoletti, Principalship; Kenneth E. Cooper, Leadership Specialist; Lauren Edwards, Leadership Specialist; Derek Franklin, Principalship; Travis Heavner, Principalship,; Kristy Ann Johnson, Principalship; Christina Marie Jones, Principalship; Christina Demetrice Laing, Principalship; Russell L. Lippencott, Leadership Specialist; Christina Michelle Lowers, Principalship; Kyre-Anna Minney, Principalship; Tony Minney, Principalship; Jessica Pierson, Principalship; Lindsey Quesenberry, Principalship; Britni Ramsey, Principalship; Matthew Ray Riggs, Principalship; Christy Ann Roy Principalship; Jeffery A. Sanders, Principalship; Matthew J. Shock, Principalship; Timothy Skelton, Leadership Specialist; Jennifer Spencer, Principalship; Eric D. Staats, Principalship; Jenae VanHoose, Principalship; Kristianna Venderlic, Justice Leadership; and Charles Wentz, Principalship.

Nine students earned master's degrees in Reading Education, including Donna Marie Atwood, Megan B. Burdick, Shelia Jane Coleman, Katherine Davis, Christine Fletcher, Amber Gillenwater, Peggy Huffman, Rebecca A. Spencer and Susan Velte.

Twelve students earned master's degrees in Secondary Education, including Christine Bird, Teaching English as a Second Language; Teresa Jo Boggs, Instructional Processes and Strategies; Chris Coughlin, Middle Childhood Education; Ashley Dalton, School Library Media; Kristin Mae English, Online Program; Adam R. Hunt, Online Program; Madalyn Oltman, Individualized Plan of Study; Angela D. Peck, Online Program; Kristen Personius, Educational Computing; Sarah Jo Roberts, School Library Media; Amber Ullman, Individualized Plan of Study and Rhonda Wood, Individualized Plan of Study.

Ten students earned master's degrees in Special Education, including Orlando Dowell, Multi-Categorical; Sarah Kingery, Autism; Autumn B. Lisle, Multi-Categorical; Karen Elmore Messinger, Multi-Categorical; Sherri Morgan, Multi-Categorical; Brandy Pickens, Pre School; Gloria Richardson, Pre School; Kelly Sandy, Multi-Categorical, Abby Stevens, Multi-Categorical; and Shirley Succurro Skaggs, Multi-Categorical.

Fourteen students earned master's degrees in Teaching, including Krystal Cook, Ronald Donahoe, Robin Feldhake, Christopher J. Harris, Angela Dawn Litton, Marc D. Lowe, Tally Mainland, Robert E. McPeak, Katheryn Prussia, Susan L. Slappe, David Alan Stewart, Daniel Tench, Guy Vann and Bridget Ward.

Eight students earned an Education Specialist degree, including Jacob Bolen, Curriculum and Instruction; Elbert Davis, Curriculum and Instruction; Beth Peterson, Curriculum and Instruction; Shelly Ann Ratliff, Curriculum and Instruction; Melissa Raye Rhodes, Curriculum and Instruction; Christopher Trotter, Adult and Technical Education; Myra Beam, School Psychology; and Rachel K. Wakefield, School Psychology.

Seven students earned doctoral degrees, including Rachael Alley, Jean Chappell, Sarah Lee, Carol Perry, Calisa Pierce, Hannah Toney and Brenda Tuckwiller.

Those earning degrees within the Graduate College included: master's degrees in Psychology. Danielle Brooks, Jena Hatmaker, Heather Julian, Krista Miller, Whitney Pressley and Kelly Tyda, master's degrees in Psychology.

Those earning degrees within the College of Business Graduate School of Management included: Rebecca Browning, Rodrigo Camargo, Thaisa Camargo, Pamela Meadows, Brooke Miller, Ryanne Nichols, Gary Salyers and Chelsie Slack, master's degrees in Health Care Administration; and Kasie Ray, Chelsie Slack and Jenna Workman, master's degrees in Human Resource Management.