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MU students, staff can still register for a number of upcoming sports

Sep. 22, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

HUNTINGTON -- The fall term Intramural Sports are now in full swing at Marshall University.

League play for flag football and four on four volleyball is now in session, and registration for an upcoming tennis league and a dodgeball tournament have recently finished. Students, faculty and staff can still register for a number of upcoming sports including 3-on-3 basketball, wallyball and racquetball. The deadline for basketball and wallyball registration is Oct. 11, while racquetball players need to register by Oct. 17.

There will also be a number of tournaments throughout the fall. Registration for cornhole tournaments is due Oct. 25, the soccer and kickball tournaments are due by Nov. 1. There is a table tennis tournament later this semester with the registration deadline being Nov. 14.

"Students will play primarily for fun and bragging rights," said Michele Muth, assistant director of Marketing and Membership at the Marshall Recreation Center. "The winning teams of each league will have a banner hung up in the facility for the whole year in a prime location with a picture of that team. Winners are also going to receive intramural champion T-shirts."

Within various league and tournament sports there are co-ed divisions, divisions for women, open divisions, a division for residence halls and Greek fraternities.

"We now use an online portal for registration called 'imleagues.com,'" Muth said. "You can sign up as a team captain and invite your friends or individually as a free agent who can be picked up by other teams. The registration process is all online now. If you register as a team leader you will be required to attend a captain's meeting. There will be a little test to make sure you know the rules which you have to relay to your team."

Intramural sports continue to be one of the most popular activities at the Rec Center, Muth said.

"While we aren't hurting for participants we always like more, particularly in non traditional sports like wallyball and tennis, which we just started this semester," she said. "Wallyball is a game similar to volleyball that is played indoors on racquetball courts. Because students are allowed to ricochet the ball off of walls, the entire court is a field of play. Players will face off in teams of four. Basketball is one of our most popular league sports. We use about three courts every evening and spectators come in to watch."

Intramural Sports for the spring semester will include 5-on-5 basketball, chess, racquetball, soccer and a new sport called Goaltimate.

For more information on Intramural Sports, visit the Rec Center online www.marshallcampusrec.com/ . To register online, visit www.imleagues.com/Marshall .