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The Cause, Inc. seeks organ donors, recipients

Apr. 04, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

When one is faced with the daunting decision of what kind of gift they should give someone, very rarely is it a quick or easy task; unless, of course, you know specifically what the recipient desires.

My philosophy is to give something that I would use or want to keep for myself. On many occasions, one will find that item that suits a person very well and purchase it for a future occasion. I can remember Christmastime at my parents' home. No matter who came by to visit, mom had a gift for them. She loved to give.

We were taught early in life that it is better to give than to receive. I think that deep down inside I have held on to that theory. I love to give and see the look on people's faces. There is such a warm spirit that comes over you when you can bring a smile to someone's face or help improve the quality of their life with a gift.

How do you feel about giving to others? We can give in so many different ways.

There are just some gifts that money cannot buy. Have you vowed to give a gift that could potentially save a life? Have you ever heard of the movie, "Seven Pounds"? The plot of the movie takes different angles, which all lead to one end -- Tim Thomas, played by Will Smith, donates several of his organs and bone marrow to give life and help improve the lives of seven people.

Although I choose not to follow his example in the manner in which he gave, I did choose to give. I realized the importance of being an organ donor when my uncle needed a kidney and went through years of dialysis. We are thankful to God and the donor that he has received his kidney after more than 10 years of waiting and is doing fine.

Organ transplants save lives and improve the quality of life for many individuals every year. The Cause, Inc. has chosen to promote organ donor awareness and encourage donor registration during its 2nd Annual Karolyn K. Murray Health Fair and Fellowship Services from Friday through Sunday, April 5-7.

We are seeking organ donors and recipients to participate during this event. Organ recipients and/or donors and their families will be recognized during the event. Individuals who are interested in participating or are organ recipients/donors should contact Stacy Murray-Medcalf at stacym7@gmail.com or 740-646-3558 for more information.

The Cause is a nonprofit organization that promotes resource awareness as it relates to health issues. We can all help this cause by registering at the BMV when we renew our licenses or by contacting your local organ recovery organization. Give the gift that keeps on giving.

More information is available at www.thecause7.com.

Here is the Weekend Itinerary:

April 5 at 7 p.m.: Memorial Concert at First Baptist Church of London, W.Va., with Martin Luther King Male Chorus, Gospel Harmonizers.

April 6 at 11 a.m.: Health Fair held at the First Baptist Church of Montgomery, W.Va. CORE (Center for Organ Recovery and Education), WV Health Right, Montgomery General Hospital, Care Point Partners and others will be offering professional education and screenings.

April 6 at 4 p.m.: Award presentations/recognitions and concert at Eagle Central Baptist Church with the Rev. Lonnie Weaver and Genesis, Vandalia Male Chorus, Gospel Reunion.

April 7 at 3 p.m.: First Baptist Church of Burlington, Ohio. Organ donors/recipients recognition and annual spring concert with the Rev. Lonnie Weaver and Genesis, Tuscaloosa, Alabama and the Voices of Faith.

Stacy Murray-Medcalf, a resident of Lawrence County, Ohio, is co-founder and coordinator of The Cause, Inc. She can be reached at stacym7@gmail.com or 740-646-3558.