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Lawrence County election results

Nov. 05, 2013 @ 11:55 PM

Lawrence County elections results with 84 of 84 precincts reporting Tuesday night at the Lawrence County Board of Elections.
City and village councils

n Ironton City Council: Bob Cleary, 894; Beth Rist, 757, and R. Craig Harvey 966 for four open seats. Write-in candidates Dave Frazer had 286 votes while Jerry Brownstead had 114.
n South Point Village Council: Jim Payne, 323; Mary Cogan, 459; Christopher Smith, 526; Danny Smith, 322: Buel Collins, 234; Eric Rawlins, 588: David Moore, 426; Michael Lynd, 360; Dale Jackson, 49, and Sam Suiter Jr., 123, with top four being elected.
n Chesapeake Village Council: Elonzo Sawyers, 61; Paul E. Hart, 62; Paul N. Hart, 54; Richard McMaster, 87; Richard L. Stover, 65, and Thomas Templeton, 99, with top four being elected.
n Proctorville Village Council: Brenda Chapman, 65; Justin Wurtzler, 67: Brian Root, 68; Raymond W. Shepherd, 44; Larry “Davy” Peters, 39, and Fred Cooper, 43, with top four being elected.
n Coal Grove Village Council: Frederick L. Rouse, 250; Randy Wise, 392; Eric Holmes, 451; Shawn McDaniel, 303; Nick McKnight, 301, and Kimberly McKnight, 375 with top four being elected.
n Hanging Rock Village Council: Tim Dickens, 49, and David Hopper, 58, for four open seats.
n Athalia Village Council: Debra Evans, 1, and Ervin Napier Jr., 5, for four open seats.
School boards
 n Lawrence County Education Service Center: Ray Malone, 4,325; Roland Hayes, 3,839, and Phillip Carpenter, 4,586, for three seats.
 n Chesapeake Board of Education: Carl Lilly, 332, and Jeanne Harmon, 323, for two seats. Unexpired term, Arthur D. Suiter, 394.
 n Fairland Board of Education: Barbara Dinwiddie, 632; Gary L. Sowards, 1,067; R. Matt Ward, 1,124; Charles Workman, 792, and Martin Appleton, 1,062, with the top three being elected.
 n South Point Board of Education: Stacy A. Thacker, 848; Rita Vance, 836; Jack Nuckols, 921, and Jan Keatley, 912, with the top two being elected.
 n Dawson-Bryant Board of Education: William Irby, 363; Jamie Murphy, 987; Debbie Drummond, 705; Donny Turner, 609, and Brady Harrison, 696, with the top three being elected.
 n Ironton Board of Education: Jay Zornes, 969, and Burton Payne, 1,086, for two seats.
 n Rock Hill Board of Education: Paul David Knipp, 928, and Wanda Jenkins, 872, for two seats.
 n Symmes Valley Board of Education: Chris Thompson, 678, Tommy Shepherd, 737; Hope Rowe, 813; Allen K. Miller, 463, and Mark Wall, 498, with the top three being elected.
Township trustees and fiscal officers
 n Aid Township: Brian Pancake, 149, and George Gabriel Patterson, 165, for two trustee seats. Wayne Taylor, 155, and Tonnia Meadows, 101, for fiscal officer.
 n Decatur Township: Tim Blagg, 74,and Ronnie Cox, 58, for two trustee seats.
 n Elizabeth Township, Ron Davis, 346, James Phillip Bailey, 302, and Brian Kidd, 296, for two trustee seats.
 n Fayette Township: Mike Finley, 823, Perry Brock, 873, and Travis Wise, 852, for two trustee seats.
 n Hamilton Township: Bob Blankenship, 213; David Blankenship, 173; Larry Fraley, 153, and Forrest Kerns, 255, for two trustee seats. Terri Robinson, 307, for fiscal officer.
 n Lawrence Township: Scott Mootz, 201; Scott Gore, 242; Brent Dickess, 335; Joe Ferguson, 41, and Donald Mannon, 202, for two trustee seats.
 n Mason Township: Stephen Colegrove, 241; Jeff Estep, 222; Derek L. Wilson, 79, and Lewis Pauley, 56, for two trustee seats.
 n Perry Township, Jeffrey Joseph, 479; Barry Blankenship, 635; Jeffery Pemberton, 287, and Ryan Bentley, 354, for two trustee seats.
 n Rome Township: Brian Pinkerman, 900; Mark Bailey, 1,113, and Dean Cooper, 791, for two trustee seats.
 n Symmes Township: Ronald Hatfield, 179; Rick Carpenter,110, and Chris Brown, 63, for two trustee seats.
 n Union Township: Rick Gue, 479, and Mike Curry, 437, for two trustee seats.
 n Upper Township: Robert Ackerman, 1,154; Mike McDaniels, 1,085, and Don Klaiber, 1,114, for two trustee seats.
 n Washington Township: Jerry E. Kelley, 33, and Mike Freeman, 25, for two trustee seats. Katrenda J. Lewis, 30, and Barbarina Davidson, 6, for fiscal officer.
 n Windsor Township: Mark Johnson, 298, Donald Adkins, 219; Robert Burcham, 330, and Scott Wilson, 265, for two trustee seats.