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Court records

Feb. 07, 2013 @ 07:37 AM

Richard Jones to Roger D. Farley, two parcels in Rome Township, $6,000.

Tracy T. Ruggles et al to Milford S. Slone, 1.64 acres in Aid Township, $12,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance to Tom D. McClain et al, a parcel in Perry Township, $10,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Harbour Portfolio, 5.75 acres in Union Township, $10,320.

Doris A. Grimm to Heather Dishman, a parcel in South Point, $57,500.

Wilma J. VanHoose to Roy and Melissa Adkins, a parcel in Mason Township, $15,000.

Sky Investment Properties to William and Tanya Sawyers, a parcel in Union Township, $56,000.

Nola and John P. Scott to Burceco Rental Properties, two parcels in Rome Township, $33,500.

The Murhahan Family Trust to William and Dorothy Robinson, 7.98 acres in Hamilton Township, $45,000.

Everett R. and Jodi R. Collins to Townsend Investments, a parcel in Ironton 4th Ward, $17,000.

Lydia L. Miller to Thomas B. and Elizabeth A. Johnson, a parcel in Rome Township, $190,000.

Bessie H. Bowen to Lucas Harbolt, three parcels in Ironton Annex, $55,000.

John S and Jennifer L. Duncan to Kerri L. Keyser-Napier, a parcel in Fayette Township, $103,000.

Sally F. Duncan to Christopher S. Duncan, two parcels in Rome Township, $70,000.

Douglas J. Freeman Jr. to Thomas Barry, 2.64 acres in Rome Township, $270,000.

Carroll and Rebecca Bragg et al to Nicholas R. and Victoria Trent, 40.79 acres in Union Township, $107,000.

Sheila Chapman to Kathy L. Brooks, four parcels in Athalia, $125,000.

Luke C. Anderson et al to Richard Collins, 1.3 acres in Elizabeth Township, $22,000.

Rether Marcum et al to Pamela and Chelsea Beacham, 2.85 acres in Symmes Township, $8,000.

Michael L. Moore to Nicholas A. Howard, a parcel in Perry Township, $77,500.

Brenda E. Dickess et al to Nicolas and Tonnette Hoffman, 38.3 acres in Lawrence Township, $160,000.

William R. and Dorothy J. Robinson to Larry and Teresa Collins, a parcel in Ironton 3rd Ward, $1,000.

Robert and Lori Calaway to James A. and Janet F. Mayo, 2.5 acres in Union Township, $30,000.

Pine Grove Development to Jeffrey and Lee Ann Cremeans, two parcels in Elizabeth Township, $11,000.

Robert A. Lovejoy to Jeremy D. Dillon, a parcel in Coal Grove, $97,000.

Gary L. and Linda Holschuh to Jacob A. Risner, a parcel in Upper Township, $88,000.

Benny F. Adams to Tammy L. Waddle, seven parcels in Upper Township, $73,000.

Randy L. and Janice G. Ratliff to John R. and Astrid M. Langley, a parcel in Perry Township, $14,000.

Betty Carte et al to Louis Martin III, two parcels in Ironton 1st Ward, $30,000.

Rachel L. and Joseph L. McGlone to A1 Properties, a parcel in Perry Township, $32,000.

Jane Lambert to Bobby Black et al, a parcel in Union Township, $12,000.

William F. and Daryln S. Malone, two parcels in Upper Township, $30,267.

Mary R. Payne to U.S. Bank National Association, a parcel in Ironton 1st Ward, $64,000.

Arthur Suiter et al to Pembrooke Properties, 129.09 acres in Union Township, $216,000.

Citizens Deposit Bank & Trust to Benjamin F. Moore II, a parcel in Ironton 4th Ward, $40,000.

David Greene to David Greene et al, three parcels in Fayette Township, property valued at $23,500.

Jeffery K. Patrick to Jesse L. Stover, a parcel in Fayette Township, $15,000.

Thomas R. Frecka et al to Alex Gillespie, a parcel in Ironton 3rd Ward, $40,000.

Suits filed

Lendmark Financial Services, 107 6th St., Ashland, vs. Scott E. Cecil, Ohio 93, Ironton, $4,203.90 plus interest and attorney fees allegedly due and for liens to be enforced.

Atlantic Credit & Finance, Columbus, vs. Gary E. Fields, South Point, $11,133.40 plus interest and costs allegedly due.

Rochelle Arthur, 504 N. 5th St., Ironton et al vs. Spare Time Recreation, for an unspecified amount of damages and costs allegedly due and for a jury trial.

Linda S. Herrell, Ohio 141, Kitts Hill, vs. AXA Equitable Life Insurance Co., New York, N.Y., $2 million allegedly due and for a jury trial.

The Bank of New York Mellon, Jacksonville, Fla., vs. Brecka Hamlin, 934 County Road 36, Chesapeake, et al, $152,144.79 plus interest allegedly due, for lien and for property to be sold.

Capital One Bank, Columbus, vs. Alison Topping, 106 Township Road 1198, Chesapeake, $20,127.39 plus interest and costs allegedly due.

CACH, LLC., Denver, Colo., vs. Dwayne Allen, 121 Township Road 1389, Chesapeake, $2,551.13 plus interest allegedly due.