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Ironton Elementary enjoys 100 new iPads

Dec. 13, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

IRONTON -- There's nothing like 100 new iPads to help Ironton Elementary School students stay involved in their classwork, said Principal John Maynard.

The Ironton School Board earlier agreed to a request to buy 100 iPads for the elementary school students, Maynard said. Currently, the iPads -- with applications for math and science, among others -- are loaned to the students on a rotating basis, he said. Each week, the iPads will be given out to a different grade.

Ninety of the iPads are given out to the students for labs, while the other 10 are set aside for individual students for classwork, Maynard said.

"The apps are more conducive for online learning," Maynard said. "There's a high interest level of them by the students. The learning curve is small on the iPads. The students are intuitive on how they work. And iPads are more durable than laptops."

The iPads stay at school and are charged overnight, he said. They can be used all day during classtime, he said.

"The students are really energized by this," he said. "They can do math on it. They can do reading, writing and social studies and science. Most of the apps are free. We rotate them between the grade levels. Each grade gets them for a week."

The iPads were purchased in September, and the district then sought apps for them, Maynard said.

"We've only used them for three weeks," he said. "I'm encouraged and excited about this. The kids look forward to coming to school to use them. The students are excited, too," Maynard said.

Once the teachers get some time with the iPads, the district will find ways to incorporate them into the curriculum, he said.