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Johnson, Wilson battle for Ohio's District 6 House seat

Nov. 01, 2012 @ 12:00 AM

Incumbent Bill Johnson, a Republican, is challenged by Democrat Charlie Wilson in the race for Ohio's District 6 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Bill Johnson

PARTY: Republican

HOME CITY: Marietta, Ohio

HOME COUNTY: Washington County, Ohio

AGE: 57

EDUCATION: High School, Graduate: S.D Lee High School, Columbus, MS - 1972; College, Graduate: 1979 - BS Troy University, Alabama; 1984 - MS Georgia Tech, Georgia.

CURRENT OFFICE OR OCCUPATION (INCLUDE SPECIFIC YEARS SERVED): Member of Congress, Ohio 6th District 2011-present.

OTHER WORK HISTORY: Farmer; 26 years in US Air Force (retired in 1999); Small business owner; CIO of global manufacturing company.

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS: American Legion, Military Officers Association.

FAMILY: Wife (LeeAnn), 4 children (Joshua, Julie, Jessica, Nathan), 5 grandchildren (Austin, Signi, Marin, Alina, Aubrey).

QUESTION: What should be done to control mounting Medicare costs?

"Preserving and strengthening Medicare is a priority of mine. I support a plan that would ensure anyone 55 or older would receive their fully funded benefits, without changes, while also making common-sense reforms for those not near retirement in order to strengthen and preserve this important program for future generations."

QUESTION: What plans or proposals do you support to create more jobs?

"We must remove barriers so that small business owners can create jobs. Today's Federal tax code penalizes job creators and incentivizes the poor to subsist on entitlement programs. Reducing taxes will allow more investment in businesses and give people more purchasing power."

Charlie Wilson

PARTY: Democrat

HOME CITY: St. Clairsville, Ohio

HOME COUNTY: Belmont County, Ohio

AGE: 69

EDUCATION: BA, Ohio University; AD, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science.


OTHER WORK HISTORY: US House of Representatives 2007 - 2010, Ohio State Senate 2005 - 2006, Ohio House of Representatives 1997-2004.

FAMILY: Four children, nine grandchildren.

QUESTION: What should be done to control mounting Medicare costs?

"We must protect our seniors access to Medicare. Right now Washington has design to balance the budget on the back of our nations seniors, so that they may give tax breaks to millionaires. We must protect our seniors and their right to Medicare."

QUESTION: What plans or proposals do you support to create more jobs?

"A contrast between my opponent and myself is that Congressman Johnson simply does not believe in American manufacturing. As a lifetime resident of this area I am not willing to turn my back on our mills. We have to eliminate tax loopholes for companies that ship American manufacturing jobs overseas. We have to hold China accountable for currency manipulation."