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Bombings achieve nothing but suffering

Apr. 19, 2013 @ 09:56 AM

I know Boston well. My first ever visit to the United States was to Boston. I have many friends there, my eldest daughter's Godmother lives in the city and works close to the street where Monday's atrocity occurred. Luckily she left work early that day to avoid the crowds.

Like many of you, my first reaction to what happened was horror. Then, when details became clearer, my horror turned to fear. I've known several families in Boston for over twenty years. They have visited me in Britain, I've stayed with them up there, they are more than friends, they are family.

People I knew as small children are now adults and are into athletics and running marathons. I called as soon as I could get through and thankfully no one I know was there, although many were out of touch for hours as travel and communications were disrupted.

As I said, none of my friends were involved, but some 170 others were injured and three, including an 8-year-old boy, were killed.

How can anyone deliberately take a metal container, fill it with explosive, add tiny nails and ball bearings and then detonate it in order to kill and maim people they have never met? What can they possibly hope to gain? If they have a cause they seek to advance they would let us know what it is. If they want to spread fear and shatter public morale they will never succeed.

I had the misfortune to be on the fringes of the London Underground bombings in 2005. They caused disruption, they made people take extra care for a short while but in the long term they achieved nothing except to cause pain and suffering and to fill people with a resolve not to give in to their cowardly tactics.

The next major marathon to take place is in London this coming Sunday. Already the organizers have sent messages of sympathy to Boston and have announced that the race will go ahead as planned. No doubt security will be enhanced but the message is clear, we will not give in to terrorism.

They have robbed us of three young lives, three people who might have achieved much for humanity. They have caused pain and suffering to the innocent and now they will not come forward to admit to what they did. They are cowards, I pray they will soon be caught, that justice will be done and that the faces of those innocents haunt their dreams at night,

Derek Coleman is a part-time writer who is a native of England and who now lives in Hurricane, W.Va. He can be reached at tallderek@hotmail.com.