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Putnam County well-represented at West Virginia Dairy Cattle Show

Sep. 23, 2012 @ 12:10 AM

Even though the dairy industry in West Virginia has unfortunately been dwindling in population over the years, the spark and interest for the Putnam County Dairy Judging Team has only increased.

Both junior and senior judgers placed six classes of Holstein, Brown Swiss, Jersey, and Ayrshire dairy heifers and cows. After completing notes and placing within a 15-minute time frame, the divisions are split up and the judgers had to give their oral reasons. Oral reasons are very import in a judging competition as it gives the young judgers the opportunity to inform the officials on how they saw the class should have been placed and the specifics as to why the 4-H’er placed them the way they did.

Putnam County was well represented at the 2012 West Virginia Dairy Cattle Show and judging event by a junior team and one senior individual. The Junior Team consisted of Mariah Rowsey, Chase Gibson, Emma Nazarewycz, and Peyton Gibson. The Junior Team placed second in the overall division, and first in the Holstein and Jersey breed categories. Peyton Gibson placed 10th individually, Chase Gibson was sixth-place individual, and Mariah Rowsey placed third individual.

Because John Harless was the only representative from Putnam to compete within the senior division, he judged an individual for the competition. Senior division judging is a bit more competitive as the winning team competes at the National in Madison, Wis. Senior judgers must give an additional set of oral reasons. Harless placed fifth in the senior division and completed a successful end to the judging event.