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Putnam County Math Field Day winners announced

Mar. 10, 2013 @ 09:29 PM

WINFIELD — Putnam County students in grades 4 through 12 competed in the annual county Math Field Day contests in February.

Students from all elementary, middle, and high schools competed in their division for spots on the teams that will represent Putnam County Schools in regional competition.

Superintendent Chuck Hatfield said in a news release that he believes these academic competitions showcase not only the students themselves, but also the families, teachers, and community members who work with and support them.

“These competitions give students an opportunity to demonstrate their academic excellence and give us an opportunity to celebrate their achievement,” Hatfield said.

The following students and teams were winners in their respective divisions:

Fourth Grade

First place: James Eskew, Scott Teays Elementary

Second place: Xander Hess, Scott Teays Elementary

Third place: Piper Patton, Winfield Elementary

Alternate: Ethan Wood, Mountain View Elementary

Fifth Grade

First place: Dylan Jones, Confidence Elementary

Second place: Jacob Blizzard, Confidence Elementary

Third place: Jacob Braun, West Teays Elementary

Alternate: Dylan Luikart, Confidence Elementary

Sixth Grade

First place: Alik Assi, Hurricane Middle

Second place: Cole Stover, Hurricane Middle

Third place: Parker Samples, Poca Middle

Alternate: Kenny Powell, Winfield Middle

Seventh Grade

First place: Isaac Tomblin, Hurricane Middle

Second place: Sebastian Chirinos, Hurricane Middle

Third place: Evelyn Bush, Hurricane Middle

Alternate: Keshav Motwani, Winfield Middle

Eighth Grade

First place: Erica Burns, Hurricane Middle

Second place: Garrett Gress, Hurricane Middle

Third place: Alyssa Rittinger, Winfield Middle

Alternate: Dawson Smith, Poca Middle

Ninth Grade

First place: Jarren Tay, Winfield High

Second place: Abby Moore, Winfield High

Third place: Isaach Withrow, Winfield High

Alternate: Kennedy Snavely, Hurricane High

10th, 11th and 12th Grades

First place: Sylvia Zhang, Hurricane High

Second place: Ben Meffert, Hurricane High

Third place: Elijah Schultz, Hurricane High

Fourth place: Katie Null, Hurricane High

Fifth place: Elijah Spade, Winfield High

Sixth place: Josh Bumgarner, Winfield High

Seventh place: Ben Martin, Buffalo High          

Eighth place: Jonathon O’Dell, Hurricane High

Ninth place: Jordan Chapman, Hurricane High

10th place: Vivian Yao, Hurricane High

First Alternate: Ryan McLaughlin, Hurricane High

Second Alternate: Dennis Chertkovsky, Winfield High

Winning Team

Hurricane High School

Top Scorers by High School:

Buffalo High: First Ben Martin; Second Ian Burdette

Hurricane High: First Sylvia Zhang; Second Ben Meffert

Poca High: First Cameron Cottrill; Second Sarah Knight

Winfield High: First Elijah Spade; Second Josh Bumgarner

Teays Valley Christian: First Levi Sallade; Second Michael Payne