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Wayne County restaurant inspections

Mar. 17, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

Here are restaurant inspections recently performed by the Wayne County Health Department. The list is sorted by critical violations. The restaurant is listed first, followed by its address, the noncritical violations, the critical violations and any remarks. View a searchable database at www.herald-dispatch.com. Click on News, then Data Library, then Restaurant Inspections.


Gino's Pizza of Wayne, Route 152, Wayne, Jan. 18, 6, 1, Hoods over deep fat fryers are greasy to the point that grease is hanging down off the surface and above the grease in the units and any food that will be cooked in the area. Silverware utensil holders are dirty. Small microwave over the back prep unit has damage to the bottom of inside of microwave. The gray storage slats for the dough pans are greasy, dirty and tacky. Bottom of dough reach-in is dirty. Single service take-out trays stored on the floor in the side room. Ceiling is in poor repair in various areas of the kitchen. Floor in the walk-in freezer is dirty.

El Tenampa, 804 Oak St., Kenova, Nov. 29, 5, 1, No thermometer in the Coca-Cola reach-in unit for storing food in the kitchen area. Drainage from handwash sink emptying onto the floor. The cold prep unit does not work. They are using ice under the food to keep it cold. This unit must be fixed within 90 days. Top of the flour holding tote is very dirty. Floor in kitchen area is in very poor repair. Floor under shelves outside walk-in units is dirty. Floor in walk-in freezer is wet and dirty.

Deeek's LLC dba Rocky Top's Pizza, 101 Buffalo Creek Road, Kenova, Jan. 28, 3, 1, No thermometer available or seen in wall in refrigerator. No thermometer for checking cold prep unit food temperature. Inside of microwave oven is dirty. Single-serve pizza boxes stored on floor in dry goods storage room. Floor behind dough mixer is dirty.

Bison Senior Center, 330 Buffalo Creek Road, Kenova, Dec. 17, 2, 1, Bottom of Hobart reach-in is rusted and in poor repair. Inside of Whirlpool microwave oven is dirty. Cleaned out the unit with sanitizer and cloth. Door handle on Hobart reach-in is broken and in poor repair. Floor in utility sink room is dirty.

Tudor's Biscuit World, 4530 Route 152, Lavalette, Dec. 17, 1, 1, Pinto beans in large container in walk-in is not datemarked. Single-serve cups stored on floor in hall area.

Golden Girl #3, 919 B Street, Ceredo, Nov. 1, 0, 1, Homemade apple butter stored in refrigerator. Removed food item from establishment.


Ceredo Biscuit World, C & Main St., Ceredo, Dec. 11, 6, 0, Bottled water stored on floor in the back storage area. There is no thermometer in the cold prep Beverage Air unit. The sides of the pop dispenser are dirty. Fluorescent lights in single-service storage room are not shielded. Wall behind and above the utility sink is in poor repair. Ceiling above the drive-thru window is dusty and dirty.

Gino's Pizza of Lavalette, 4675 Route 152, Lavalette, Jan. 29, 6, 0, Onions in bag sitting on floor in walk-in refrigerator. Bottom of CRC reach-in is rusted and in poor repair. Outside part above door handle on walk-in refrigerator is dirty. Light bulbs/lamps over food prep area are missing end caps and are not effectively shielded. Floor under front line prep unit is busted and in poor repair. Floor is wet and dirty in walk-in refrigerator.

American Legion Post 93, 302 8th St., Kenova, Jan. 3, 5, 0, Ice scoops stored in ice at the bar area. No thermometers in two bar coolers with milk in them. Slot holder for utensil trays is dirty. Utensils are sticking out of bucket with business end pointed up. Floor behind ice machine in side room is dirty. Wall behind two bowl sink in side room is dirty.

Chatterbox, 1404 Poplar St., Kenova, Dec. 17, 3, 0, Microwave door handles are tacky and dirty. Light bulbs/lamps not shielded over the kitchen three-bowl sink area. Floor is dirty just inside the walk-in refrigerator unit at door juncture.

Combs Farm Outlet Market, 27615 East Lynn Road, Wayne, 2, 3, 0, Onions and cabbage stored on floor, not six inches off the floor. There are no test strips available for testing the sanitizing solution. Lights not shielded in the food prep area.

Kenova Elementary, 300 9th St., Kenova, Nov. 29, 3, 0, The outside temperature gauge on the trautsen freezer is not working. Three bowl sink sanitizer is not working right. It is not being used now because of the fact that it is not dispensing the quaternary ammonia. Must use dishwasher now until this unit is fixed. Floor under the left side of the dishwasher is dirty and it looks like some mold has formed on the floor.

Kenova Save-A-Lot, 1400 Chestnut St., Kenova, Nov. 29, 3, 0, No thermometers in the left side back wall case that holds fish, chicken, sausage and other packaged items. This is a freezer unit and it appears to be well below 32 degrees. Tow wires are present that looked to previously hold the thermometers for this unit. No available thermometer seen in large walk-in freezer in the back storage area. Freezer is full of food apparently for rush at start of the month. Floor dirty with heavy dust behind the single-serve cup and plate storage shelf. Wall behind three-bowl sink in meat room is slightly dirty (looks to be from overhead leakage). EcoSmart wasp and hornet killer stored in same boxed-in area as foodstuffs labeled as "Last Chance Priced as Marked." Removed the insecticide from this boxed-in storage area.

Gino's Pizza of Kenova, 1121 Oak St., Kenova, Dec. 18, 2, 0, No thermometer in the Continental prep unit reach-in. A lot of dust, dirty on walls, pipes, lines above the hot water heater and on top of hot water heater.

Java Joe's, Ceredo Plaza, Ceredo, Dec. 19, 2, 0, Corner of handwash sink is damaged and broken (in poor repair). Box of single-serve cups stored on the floor in the side room storage area.

Lavalette Dollar General #9595, 4757 Route 152, Lavalette, Dec. 26, 2, 0, Floor leading to restrooms in back hallway is in poor repair. Floor under the around breaker box in back room is dirty.

Little General Store #5090, 3899 Route 75, Huntington, Dec. 17, 2, 0, Inside of cabinet stained and dirty under the milkshake unit. Floor in the beer walk-in storage unit is dirty.

Buffalo Middle School, 298 Buffalo Creek Road, Kenova, Feb. 11, 1, 0, Floor under the dishwasher is slightly dirty and is getting to be in poor repair most likely due to the moisture in this area.

Certified Oil #116, 2082 Poplar St., Kenova, Dec. 18, 1, 0, Do not have test strips for the three-bowl sink sanitizer.

Clark's Pump-N-Shop #15, 4790 Route 152, Lavalette, Dec. 20, 1, 0, There are no test strips for the bleach/chlorine sanitizer.

Coney Island, 618 13th St., Kenova, Jan. 2, 1, 0, Handwash sink base of faucet is in poor repair.

Golden Girl #2, 951 B Street, Ceredo, Nov. 1, 1, 0, No thermometer in Hotpoint refrigerator.

Golden Rail, 700 23rd St., Kenova, Dec. 19, 1, 0, Waste receptacle in ladies' restroom does not have a cover or lid on it.

Jamettes Inc. DBA Rocky Top Pizza, 800 Oak St., Kenova, Jan. 24, 1, 0, Spaghetti sauce sitting on the floor in walk-in.

Jan's Place Inc., 4664 Route 152, Lavalette, Dec. 26, 1, 0, No test strips available for the sanitizing solution.

Tolsia High School, 1 Rebel Drive, Fort Gay, Jan. 4, 1, 0, Bottom of Norlake milk cooler is slightly dirty and needs to be cleaned out.

Roderick's Pizza & More, 4348 5th Street Road, Huntington, Jan. 24, 1, 0, No thermometer in Pepsi reach-in.

Rivals Sports Bar II, 6003 152 North, Wayne, Jan. 17, 1, 0, Waste receptacle in employees' restroom is not covered.

Kenova Dollar General #3438, 1313 Oak St., Kenova, Jan. 3, 1, 0, Ceiling and wall in poor repair in the back stockroom, mostly the ceiling is an issue.

Lavalette Elementary, 1150 Beech Fork Road, Lavalette, Feb. 6, 1, 0, Floor in front of reach-in units is busted and in poor repair.

Liz's Little Ones I, 600A Malcolm Lane, Kenova, Nov. 2, 1, 0, Floor in kitchen is damaged in poor repair.

McDonald's #13914, 602 Oak St., Kenova, Jan. 24, 1, 0, Outside of door to ice machine is dirty and below door is also.

Wayne County Adult Day Care, 330 Buffalo Creek Road, Kenova, Jan. 28, 1, 0, Ceiling in poor repair in two spots due possibly to some type of water damage.


Gino's Pizza of Wayne, Route 152, Wayne, Jan. 29, 0, 0.

Adkins Rollins Center, 1511 Chestnut St., Kenova, Jan. 14, 0, 0.


AMVETS Post 14, 1425 Chestnut St., Kenova, Jan. 14, 0, 0.

BTS, 4908 Waverly Road, Huntington, Dec. 18, 0, 0.

Burger King, 900 Oak St., Kenova, Jan. 3, 0, 0.

Ceredo Elementary, 484 Main St., Ceredo, Feb. 13, 0, 0.

Ceredo Subway, 420 4th St., Ceredo, Feb. 6, 0, 0.

Dollar Tree #2114, 4th St. West, Ceredo, Nov. 1, 0, 0.

El Tenampa, 804 Oak St., Kenova, Dec. 11, 0, 0.

Golden Girl #4, 917 B Street, Ceredo, Nov. 1, 0, 0.

Grayson Assisted Living, 3455 Route 75, Huntington, Jan. 24, 0, 0.

Griffith & Feil Drug Inc., 1405 Chestnut St., Kenova, Jan. 3, 0, 0.

Ice House #2, 4743 Route 152, Lavalette, Jan. 18, 0, 0.

JoJo's Bar & Grill Inc., 1401 Spring Valley Drive, Huntington, Dec. 26, 0, 0.

Jones & Schimpf dba Friendly's, 4544 Route 152, Lavalette, Jan. 29, 0, 0.

K's Sweet Shop, 4794 Route 152, Lavalette, Jan. 2, 0, 0.

Dunlow Elementary, 32800 Route 152, Dunlow, Jan. 4, 0, 0.

Kenova Group Home, 1802 Beech St., Kenova, Jan. 2, 0, 0.

Liz's Little Ones II, 543 Broad Hollow Road, Ceredo, Dec. 11, 0, 0.

LJ's Lounge, 1235 Route 152, Wayne, Feb. 1, 0, 0.

Tri-State Hospitality LLC, Tri-State Airport, Kenova, Nov. 15, 0, 0.

Vinson Middle School, 3851 Piedmont Road, Huntington, Feb. 13, 0, 0.

Wayne Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 6999 Route 152, Wayne, Feb. 6, 0, 0.

Wayne Save-A-Lot, 7123 Route 152, Wayne, Dec. 14, 0, 0.

WV1 Tiger Mart-Kenova Exxon, 1101 U.S. Route 75, Kenova, Nov. 29, 0, 0.

Clark's Pump-N-Shop #6, 707 Central Ave., Wayne, Nov. 15, 0, 0.

Clay's Grocery, 9809 Beech Fork Road, East Lynn, Nov. 15, 0, 0.

Echo Quick Mart, U.S. Route 152, Route 37 W, Wayne, Nov. 18, 0, 0.

James' Grocery, U.S. Route 152, Dunlow, Dec. 3, 0, 0.

Queen's Grocery, 6355 East Lynn Road, Kiahsville, Nov. 30, 0, 0.

R&K Pit Stop, 2911 U.S. Route 52, Fort Gay, Nov. 28, 0, 0.

Vernick's Country Corner, 19125 East Lynn Road, East Lynn, Nov. 19, 0, 0.

Wallace Country Boy Market, 18651 Route 152, Genoa, Nov. 19, 0, 0.

Wayne Dollar General #933, 90 McGinnis Drive, Wayne, Nov. 15, 0, 0.



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