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Cabell Restaurant inspections

Jul. 29, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

Here are restaurant inspections recently performed by the Cabell-Huntington Health Department. The list is sorted by critical violations. The restaurant is listed first, followed by its address, the noncritical violations, the critical violations and any remarks. View a searchable database at www.herald-dispatch.com.


G.D. Ritzy's, 1335 Hal Greer Blvd., Huntington, July 19, 6, 7, Person in charge thought strips for quats OK to use for bleach, used hand sink for milkshake containers, failed to monitor food temperatures. Whipped cream in cold water holding at 50 degrees; discarded. Sour cream in pan sitting on ice at 75 degrees; discarded. Ground beef and chicken in cooler next to grill holding at greater than 50 degrees; manager instructed to discard but later found in walk-in cooler, discarded by CHHD. Pinto beans hot holding at 125 degrees; discarded. Sanitize sink with chlorine greater than 200 ppm; sink drained. Hand sink users for rinsing milkshake stainless steel cups/guards; items removed. No chlorine test strips available. Cooler next to grill with doors not fitting properly resulting in gaps, gaskets in poor repair, water pooled in bottom of cooler. Cooler next to grill at 65 degrees. Employee hand sink without soap. Two employee hand sinks without hand washing signs. Ladies' room toilet seat broken.

No. 1 Kitchen, 4341 U.S. 60, Huntington, July 17, 9, 5, Items in walk-in cooler are not covered while storing; cover applied. Raw chicken being stored above shrimp in walk-in cooler; chicken moved to bottom. Dented cans are being stored for use; items moved for return. Utensil being stored in water between uses; item moved. Knives being stored between dirty equipment; items moved and washed. Food worker does not have a hair restraint; hat was given. Wiping cloths being stored on countertop after use; cloths were put into a bleach solution. Rice, sugar and flour being stored in non-food grade containers and items stored in cans after opening; items moved. Food items being stored in a reach-in cooler that the public had access to; items moved. Shrimp and chicken items being stored improperly; items moved to thaw correctly. Inside bottom of reach-in freezer is unclean; item cleaned. Dishes washed in three-bowl sink are not being washed, rinsed and sanitized; items were washed, rinsed and sanitizer after discussion. Bare wood in back storage area is not easily cleanable. Wall by walk-in cooler is unclean.

Christopher's, 6005 U.S. 60, Barboursville, July 19, 1, 5, Food worker is not wearing gloves while cutting tomatoes; gloves applied. Canned goods are dented; cans put aside for return. Pork is not cooling properly; item was reheated to 165 degrees and ice bath was applied. Gravy and cheese sauce was 120 degrees in hot holding; item was thrown away. Inside lip of ice machine is unclean; item cleaned. Meatloaf is thawing improperly; item was put in cooler to thaw.

Par Mar Store No. 37, 3211 Washington Blvd., Huntington, July 18, 2, 3, Inside lip of ice machine is unclean; item was cleaned. Mop sink hose does not have a vacuum breaker to prevent backflow. Gnats are around fountain soda machine. Ceiling by fan vents is unclean. Mops in storage room are not hung to air dry.

East Tenampa Mexican Restaurant, 1059 Main St., Milton, July 18, 5, 2, Three containers of flour, corn meal and brown sugar was observed coming into contact with insects; food discarded. Eggs in reach-in cooler being cold held at 59 degrees; food discarded. Evidence of pests as demonstrated by larvae, live insects and eggs was observed in three containers of corn meal, flour and brown sugar. Ice used for cooling containers of lemons was used for drink ice. Reach-in cooler is at 61 degrees and inadequate to hold proper food temperatures. Water is leaking from the hold from where a sprayer would be connected at the sink. Soap not available at food employee hand sink in the kitchen. No toweling available at hand sink in kitchen for hand drying.

Shogun Japanese Steak House, 3420 U.S. 60, Barboursville, July 17, 6, 1, Eggs at grill area being cold held at 71 degrees; food discarded. Frozen seafood was stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer. No thermometer in walk-in cooler. Ice scoop at bar area is in poor repair. The floor sealant around the sushi bar is worn in some places around sushi bar. There is no light in lowboy cooler at sushi bar. Wall unclean around rice cooker.

Walmart Supercenter No. 2244 - McDonald's, 3333 U.S. 60, Huntington, July 18, 3, 1, Open drink containers stored in dry stock area; items thrown away. Chocolate chip container need a cover when in use; cover applied. Ice scoop is not stored properly; container was given. Grease containers need a cover when storing; cover applied.

McDonald's, 1445 Hal Greer Blvd., Huntington, July 17, 2, 1, Two sanitizer buckets without chlorine; buckets changed on request with 50-100 ppm. One hand sink without soap. Two hand sinks without paper towels.

Rite Aid No. 0950, 1138 Hal Greer Blvd., Huntington, July 19, 2, 1, Damaged cans on shelf available to public; pulled to inventory and discarded. Paper towels stored on the floor. Wet mop stored in wringer; positioned to air dry.

Barboursville Pool Concession, 721 Kuhn St., Barboursville, July 15, 1, 1, Inside of ice machine is unclean; item was cleaned. No paper towels at hand sink; towels given.

Underwood Senior Center, 632 9th Ave., Huntington, July 16, 1, 1, Eggs stores over ready to eat items; eggs moved to bottom shelf. No test strips.

The Club Inn Between, 212 20th St., Huntington, July 17, 1, 1, Sanitizer sink with quats less than 100ppm; quats added to 300ppm. No hand washing signs; provided by CHHD.

Burger King, 3210 Washington Blvd., Huntington, July 18, 1, 1, Inside lip of ice machine is unclean; item is cleaned. Grease trap is in poor repair.

Halls Assisted Living, 2910 3rd Ave., Huntington, July 16, 0, 1, Raw pork on shelf over ready-to-eat items; pork moved to bottom shelf.

Sweet & Sassy, 640 Brady St., Barboursville, July 17, 0, 1, Food worker is bare handling the dough while prepping item; gloves applied.

VFW Post No. 9738, 227 Main St., Huntington, July 18, 0, 1, Eggs in walk-in cooler at 49 degrees; eggs discarded.


Domino's Pizza No. 1361, 525 20th St., Huntington, July 19, 4, 0, Trash container in unisex restroom without lid. Door closure for restroom door broken. No handwashing sign at one employee hand sink. Wet mops stored on the floor.

Gina's Lounge II, 5984 U.S. 60, Barboursville, July 19, 4, 0, No chlorine test strips on site. Flooring in back room needs a cover on floor drain. Three-bowl sink in back room is unclean. Mops must be hung to air dry.

Go-Mart No. 59, 4901 U.S. 60, Huntington, July 15, 3, 0, Food items in cold storage are not being dated; items were dated. Floor drain cover is missing in men's room. Women's restroom tile is in poor repair in stall.

Two B's Discount Center, 6245 Ohio River Road, Lesage, July 16, 3, 0, Outside of walk-in cooler door is unclean. Wall behind men's hand sink is in poor repair in restroom. Restrooms needs a door closure.

Speedway No. 9766, 2498 3rd Ave., Huntington, July 16, 3, 0, Torn gasket on walk-in cooler door. No handwashing sign in restroom. Ladies' room loose toilet seat.

Gino's Pizza of 14th Street West, 1401 Washington Ave., Huntington, July 12, 2, 0, Floor is dirty near walk-in freezer and dough mixer. Walls are dirty near Pepsi cooler and above grill.

YMCA Kennedy Center Concessions, 5800 Ohio River Road, Huntington, July 16, 2, 0, Food workers need a hair restraint. Light bulbs in all freezers and coolers need cover on light bulb or a coated bulb to make item shatterproof.

Crossroads Giovanni's, 863 Norway Ave., Huntington, July 18, 2, 0, Plastic cup is being used to scoop items from prep cooler. Prep cooler is in poor repair.

Outhouse Cafe II, Milton Flea Market, Route 60, Milton, July 14, 1, 0, Small cooler is at 59 degrees and is inadequate to hold proper food temperatures.

Prestera Center, 5600 U.S. 60, Huntington, July 15, 1, 0, Walk-in freezer door is freezing up around product.

Robert Newlon Airpark, 138 Kyle Lane, Lesage, July 16, 1, 0, Pepsi cooler racks are unclean.

Baskin-Robbins, 1598 Washington Blvd., Huntington, July 16, 1, 0, Door closure for restroom door not working.

Midland Meadows Senior Living, 100 Weatherholt Drive, Ona, July 17, 1, 0, Top of dishwasher is unclean.

Gina's Lounge, 2501 5th Ave., Huntington, July 18, 1, 0, No hand washing signs.


Subway of 14th Street West, 1401 Washington Ave., Huntington, July 12, 0, 0.

Sassy's, 3421 U.S. 60, Barboursville, July 15, 0, 0.

Drug Emporium, 3 Mall Road, Barboursville, July 16, 0, 0.

Stats Sports Bar, 6349 U.S. 60, Barboursville, July 16, 0, 0.

Burger King, 51 Washington Ave., Huntington, July 16, 0, 0.

Qdoba Mexican Grill, 500 Mall Road, 103, Barboursville, July 16, 0, 0.

Little Caesar's Pizza, 2889 5th Ave., Huntington, July 18, 0, 0.

Starbucks, 1 John Marshall Drive, Huntington, July 18, 0, 0.

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, 6007 U.S. 60, Suite 228, Barboursville, July 19, 0, 0.